Samsung Galaxy Premier pictured, not a Nexus device


There had been rumors that a device running around under the name Galaxy Premier would be Samsung’s followup to last year’s Galaxy Nexus, mostly due to the closeness in model numbers of the two devices. The Galaxy Nexus launched as the GT-i9250, and the Premier has been assigned a designation of GT-i9260. It seems like the relation has more to do with hardware than it does branding, as the Premier indeed appears to be based off the initial Galaxy Nexus design.

The Premier will feature the same 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display with a 720p HD resolution, a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, and 8MP camera. Even the outward appearance of the device appears to be a mashup of the Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy S3. But where the Premier differs from the Nexus is the inclusion of the TouchWiz UX over a Jelly Bean base. This definitely will not be a Google Experience phone.

Still, the premier should offer a nice mid-rangey option for those looking for something more affordable than the GS3. We’re still awaiting an official announcement from Samsung.

[via MobileGeeks]

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  1. They should work on a dual screen no middle bezel that flips out into tablet mode.

    Samsung likes to throw sh¡t at the wall to see if it sticks and I like it. They are doing a lot more innovating than you-know-who…

  2. I’m sad.

    I was planning on buying that for myself and giving the wife my Galaxy Nexus. The LG Nexus doesn’t have enough storage for me.

    Help me Obi-wan KenSONY – you’re my only hope!

    1. the Lg Nexus will have probably as much storage as the Galaxy nexus did, it still hasn’t been announced how do you know how much storage it will or wont have ?

      1. I hope you’re right and all of the leaks are wrong. 8gb (as they are saying) is not enough. My Nexus is nearly 16gb full now and I use G+ for photo/video storage and GMusic for music storage. I will miss the curves of the GNexus though. That phone is really comfortable to hold and press to the face.

        1. it wouldn’t make sense if they added 16-32gb of storage to a prototype that’s never going to be sold. + Google has never put out a nexus that only comes in one storage size. Im using the 32gb Gnex, i have about 18gb filled up right now but 10gb of that is Transformers Dark side of the Moon in Blue-ray. Im thinking they are going to have a 8/16gb version at launch but im hoping for 32.

    2. This is not the Droid we were looking for

  3. Is it just me or is the Samsung home button looking VERY dated ?

    1. I LOVE a physical home button personally. Makes it very easy to wake the device.

  4. NOOOO!!!!!

  5. i knew a G-Nex+ was too good to be true. loox like Googles LG Nexus is looking more n more to the next and only nexus. which is ok with me.

    1. Not ok with me… I was just beginning to think that I might compromise my micro SD slot for the software support of the Nexus line and make the next Nexus my next phone. Then they go and spring a non-removable battery on me! I just don’t think I can accept that…

      1. agreed, but if it gets rated battery life anywhere near the razr maxx than its a go! and SD cards are overrated.

        1. I had FAR too many issues with having to remove the battery to even get my NS to work after a few of the updates because of lock ups. Sucky battery life on the NS is one of my biggest beefs with the device, I can almost watch the meter drop.

          1. battery pulls can be done by holding a sequence of buttons for a time period. similar to tablets.

  6. It drives me crazy that people can’t understand that the Nexus WILL HAVE MORE THAN 8 GIGS!

  7. The Premier specs sounded great for a Galaxy Nexus 2 running Android 4.2. This is a fail. Get rid of that silly iPhone button on the bottom and bring on Jelly Bean on-screen buttons, they look great with AMOLED.

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