Google Play Store update brings update count, ability to remove apps from “all” list

The Google Play Store has just gotten a really nice update. For starters, users can finally remove apps from the “All” list. This annoying list would show you all the apps you’ve downloaded and installed in the past (though for some people it shows the apps you’ve installed since the phone was factory reset).

That pickup lines app you downloaded, thought was lame and no longer wanted to see on your apps list can now be done away with at the effortless tap of a finger. Also available in this update is a new update count.

Before, the Play Store would tell you there were updates ready to be downloaded — nothing more, nothing less. Now, the notification will tell you how many apps need to be updated. It’s no mind-blowing epic change, but it’s just another one of those things you never thought you needed until you actually got it.

The update will roll out to users gradually but if you’re not interested in waiting for it then this handy download should get you on your way. [via Android Police]

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  • AndrewMD

    finally something i wanted

  • DonkEkong

    What’s the version number of the update?

    • ShaunOfTheLive


      • mhmmd123

        I didn`t See that update yet! I am still on the old version 3.8.17

        • Aslan Bollin

          Download link is in the article if you want to sideload it

  • Public Law

    Still, no purchased app back

    • Aslan Bollin

      That what I’m saying. Gimme a purchased tab.
      I don’t know why they even removed it to begin with, but you shouldn’t have to sort thru a massive list of free apps or play guess to figure out what apps you paid for so you can redownload them.

      • Fred Marshall

        I found that going to my account at allowed me to pick out what I had already purchased and send it to my device when it was brand new. No more having to wade through the play store.

        • Aslan Bollin

          That works but you shouldn’t have to do it that way. Should be able to do it from the app itself.

          • Fred Marshall

            True…true. However, if I’m having to download 20-35 apps that I need on a new phone, doing it on my laptop is much easier.

      • lolobabes

        or putting purchased apps on top of the all app list

  • Damon Lewis

    The play store has told me ‘x updates available’ for some time.

    • Jeremy Davis

      Likewise. I don’t know as it’s ever not done that for me..

    • BLADESMAN1889


    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Odd, I’ve never had that and I’ve been using Android since 1.0 O_o

  • ilh

    Hmm, either I’ve been seeing things or it already tells you how many updates are available and has done for a while on at least JB, if not ICS too. If there’s only 1 update it names the app, otherwise it says how many.

    • Brandon Watkins

      same thing for me

    • GBGamer

      It even worked on Gingerbread for me.

  • guitarist5122

    I got it earlier today. Noticed a different icon in the status bar after some apps automatically updated

  • Chisanga Ng’oma

    Thank God, that all list needed to be dropped or revised, i’m happy Google took on board all the feedback they must have had.

  • Donovan Shore

    Thank you Baby Jesus

  • ColtonKaiser

    It’s annoying that once you remove an app from the list, the entire list refreshes and you have to scroll all the way down again. This is a minor details, but one that could probably easily be fixed.

    • Nirav Shah

      you can select multiple apps at a time by holding down your finger the first app you want to get rid of and then selecting others after that. We will all be highlighted in blue.

      • Brandal Wagener

        I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still on gingerbread but mine won’t let me select multiple apps

        • Mobile Phones Fan

          Same, here.

          This new Play Store app — installed from Android Police source — won’t let me select multiple apps. I can long-press one and it stays highlighted, but when I select a second one as soon as it ‘lights up’ the multi-select fails.

          So far, I’ve seen the identical problem on two devices: Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean (v4.1.1) and a Droid X running Gingerbread (v2.3.4). Also tried all the usual tinkering — reboot, reinstall, etc. — but always the same result.

    • BLADESMAN1889

      This is supposedly FIXED in the new update.

  • Nirav Shah

    Just hold down your finger on the app you want to remove and you can delete multiple apps at a time by selecting others.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    so happy about the remove feature in the all section. very needed feature

  • scoter man1


  • bossyman15

    Wow I never knew how many apps I had installed in past 3 years! So much nostalgia!

  • iron2000

    If only they allow to remove (not hide) devices from the list in the web Play Store.

    • laurie

      You can do that from the web; did it last night.

      • Aslan Bollin

        You cab hide them, but not remove them from you device list.

  • bos

    Sweet! Thanks Google.

  • peanutsrevenge

    Hope I find I can ‘remove all’ because I must have a couple of hundred there that I’ve tried, guess I’ll find out soon.

    Thanks for the heads up Quentyn

  • DarrenR

    I removed a ton of stuff from my “All” list.

  • AMbro86

    This feature has been on my mind for some time now. I’ve wished I could just instantly delete a result from the rest on the spot to help me focus on the results I’m looking for. Too bad this isn’t a standard feature across Google search, and other search engine results.


    finally I can get rid of that HUMONGOUS list of old apps – those tested which I uninstalled almost immediately, those that aren’t supported any longer etc etc. Thanx Google.

  • Stefan van Manen

    I really need the ability to select purchased apps! A seperate tab or a simpel filter would do the trick, no fancy parts needed here.
    Removing installed apps is fun and all but not what the play store really needs.
    But a good thing I noticed is when you search for an app, score multiple pages down, select an app and press back the play store doesnt take you back to the top anymore.

  • Chris Edwards

    Sometimes it is fun to take a look back over my 4 years using Android to see what apps I have used, so many memories. Will be nice to clean that out though, as there are apps that stayed on my device for all of 3 minutes before they were removed, and I don’t want to be reminded of them lol.

  • johnnycrappleseed

    I keep getting unknown errors on this phandroid news app just letting you know B-)

  • fredphoesh

    Nice but WTF, each time you opt for an app to stop being visible, you have to tediously scroll down a dozen or more times to get to the next app… extremely crap implementation.

  • fredphoesh

    Aah you CAN multiple select the unwanted apps and press the no entry sign to remove all selected… whew!

  • Dia Mortensen

    Its a good start, but I’d like to see that option in the play store online.


    “REVIEW ADDED” txt no longer shows after giving or editing an app review. Also it doesn’t seem to update the review if you go to check a revised review.

  • Aaron Clow


  • wickets

    the people responsible for the play store should be tarred and feathered: All apps isnt even in alphabetical order, but worse than that if you find yourself in the ‘middle’ of your list click on an app to do something with it, hit the back button where do you go? Back to the beginning of the list!!!!!!!!!!!! A 5 year old could do better. I dont know why you tech writers show so much deference

  • saynotopunx

    Removing apps from the ALL list is awesome. Just wish you could multi-select them.