Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 2 unveiling October 24th (as if it needed confirmation)

We received a save the date notice not too long ago, and all signs strongly pointed to the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 here in the US. As obvious as it was thenĀ (the original only had the pen in its image and made no mention of the phone itself), here’s a bit more added confirmation for you from the final invitation sent to us by Samsung. You can bet Phandroid will be heading to New York to take it all in so circle back here October 24th for hands-on and full coverage of all the goings-on.

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  • Raifid4

    Can’t wait!

    • Powsniffer0110

      Durrel Reavis

      • Nicholas Kaioken Caljean

        bart scott said that…actually

  • Butters619

    I was almost set on the Note 2, but if I got it I would have to make the decision between TouchWiz + Good Camera or AOSP + mediocre camera. I want a Nexus Note!

    • No_Nickname90

      Huh? Are you suggesting that AOSP ROMs have bad cameras? Or are you talking about the LG Nexus?

      • Butters619

        because Samsung doesn’t release all of their source, the camera on exynos based phones running AOSP roms is gimped and buggy. Same with htc because they use external image chips.

    • kev2684

      Touchwiz is good on the note. Tons of features has been added. It would be stupid to run aosp on note II. I just hope the camera on the note II is good enough.

      • supremekizzle

        I agree. There are too many features that you’d be missing out on with ASOP. Maybe with an S3 but with the note your better off just running a launcher or some other option.

        • Chris Brown-Demoreno

          Yeah, for once, I probably wont be flashing any custom ROMs. Though I may root it for OC and/or AdBlock.

    • Mike Reid

      Google is in no hurry to support a stylus in AOSP it appears.

      • Aslan Bollin

        Stylus support for wacom and active digitizers in general is built into the linux kernal itself. It has been since before Android even existed.

        We just need more devices with them and more apps that support stylus input with pressure sensitivity. IMHO all tablets should have active digitizers. I honestly dont know why they stopped using them to begin with.

        • ari_free

          Digitzer does put a limiting factor on screen resolution.

          • Aslan Bollin

            Why would it? Modern tablets just recently hit 1080p resolutions and active digitizer already exist for such.

            Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a 1080p tablet which im hoping will finally be an acceptable replacement for my aging TC1100 and LE1700 and it contains a capacitive/active digitizer combo.

        • Chris Brown-Demoreno

          Because Steve Jobs convinced people that Stylus’ are old school. Shows how stupid he and everyone that believed that are.

  • Alex Woods

    Just bought the S3, but I’m willing to pay full price for this bad boy!

    • Chris Brown-Demoreno

      Same here. Soon as I find a release date for TMO, my S3 goes up on Ebay/Craigslist. Difference comes out of pocket.


    This is becoming like a Samsung Galaxy Note all-the-time website. Or maybe it is just because I have such a great device in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and am bitter about not having freaking Jelly Bean yet!!

    • a)

      It’s because it’s, “THE NEXT BIG THING!” and everyone is oozing to get it

    • supremekizzle

      This is probably going to be the phone of the year. Of course people are chomping at the bit for every piece of information they can get. Including me!

      • nycplayboy78

        Same here….

    • Brian Menius

      As someone who is refreshing the various sites multiple times a day (hour?) for new information about this phone, I can assure you this site isn’t all-the-time Note II coverage. LOL

  • Dan Jeremy Brady

    Every provider on the 24th?

    • bos

      Come on Verizon, don’t drag your feet on this one. Give us a release date in Nov. or sooner.

    • Ron_Swanson

      Nov 15th… even says it in the picture

  • leocal79

    Galaxy S3 is Ok. I have the Verizon version and when I open up bulk mail it always freezes I want that quad core on the note. I had the original note it never froze and the split screen email was so much better

    • Ahhk

      You must get a lot of malicious bulk mail then. My Vzw GS3 has never frozen. And sorry to rain on your parade, but if it’s freezing with a dual core, having a quad core won’t make much difference.

      I’d recommend you just stop registering on porn sites. You’re the type of person the iPhones were designed for :)

  • Kneedragger3

    Can’t wait!

  • warcaster

    Didn’t it launch in Europe already. What’s with this “unveiling” ?

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      US unveiling.

  • KeIIer

    I’m going to have to pay full retail but somehow, someway it will be mine, oh yes.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Ditto, my friend.

  • No_Nickname90

    I will be leaving Sprint since their network sux. I will be going back to Tmo. Finally leaving this stupid family plan. I will be getting this phone when it’s on sell for like $50. LoL!! Hopefully they have a winter sell like that.

    • a)

      Yes, and I’ll be at the Boeing hanger to get my 747 for $50 too!

      • RavenFox


  • kev2684

    That huge thing is finally here!

    • a)

      That’s what she said

      • nycplayboy78

        LOLCATS^^…..I thought she said that huge thing is finally in me :)

        • slicingtaco

          That’s what the GNII said when the stylus was inserted

          • nycplayboy78

            DEAD ^^

  • Darren

    Any word on when it’s available for purchase in the US? HOW

  • Guest

    Quite amusing because Samsung had just recently pushed ad’ing led billboards in LA pushing the sgs3 as “the next big thing is ALREADY here” now with this tagline for the sgn2 its a bit contradictive and pretty nuch implies the n2 needs to replace my sgs3 ok thatll likely happen..but i still feel a bit of a resentment for samsung doing this ti me!ur the best baby but right now this is becoming quite the co dependant relationship i mght consider divorcing might not be as financially stable as it used to be but the desperate one might just be more loyak and do the best to impress at tjis time. oh and i can live with 5 inches..i fantasize about the biggestbut 1080p is jow its going to werq it good!

    • Brian Knapp

      Honestly, I gave up about halfway through your post.

      • Laurie Jackson


    • IronHorse01

      wow WTF did you just say???

    • Ahhk

      He can live with 5 inches….fantasizes about the biggest butts….and appears to be going blind and crazy…..hrrmm

  • godrilla

    14 more days cant wait

  • AlexMWilliams

    This is simple for me. If this phone comes out within the first week of November, I’ll sell my SIII back to Best Buy and get the Note II. If it doesn’t, I’ll stick with my SIII but honestly, you can’t go wrong either way. My qualm is the fact that this phone seems like it was announced forever ago. I feel like they hurt their sales by announcing something and waiting such a long time to release it. Yes, all the enthusiast will still buy the phone, but a lot of others simply got impatient or just forgot about it.

    • Chris Brown-Demoreno

      I soooooooo wish that Android MFGs would be like Apple in this respect. Apple announces a new iPhone, its on sale within a week or two. An Android MFG announces a (good) Android device….if you’re gonna wait in a line… might as well mark off the rest of the year on your calendar.

  • Chris Lui

    The Best Galaxy Note since Galaxy Note.

  • blackdogdisc

    Despite virtually all the tech review sites laughing and ridiculing the
    Note when if first came out, this is exactly what the future is. A 5-6″
    screen allows single-hand operation and adequate screen size for normal
    web browsing and solves the problem of a tablet needing to be stored in
    a backpack, briefcase or pocketbook when you are on the go. This can
    stay on the belt or in the pocket. I’ve been running a Galaxy Player
    (wifi only ) with the 5″ screen for a year and the size is awesome.
    Everyone that sees it thinks it is much more practical than the 3-4″
    screens . I’m looking forward to this and may start to think about
    actually getting a smart-PHONE on contract for the first time in my

    As an architect, I’m hoping to use some of that stylus functionality.
    Personally, holding this up as a phone does not seem over-the-top at
    all. I have portable phones at home and office that are 6-9″ long…big
    deal…no pun intended. ;-)

    6″ is about the distance from your ear to the edge of your mouth…does
    it seem very odd to use a device that size? Maybe a little less
    laughing this time around…especially with the sales figures from the
    Note and the SG3 in hand.