ASUS Padfone 2 approved by GCF, LTE radios on board

As we wait for the official announcement, the ASUS Padfone 2 has just been approved by the Global Certification Forum ( a board that ensures global compatibility between networks and devices). The report shows a flurry of radios and networks the device will be compatible with, but the most exciting news will be that the device will come LTE-ready.

This version of the Padfone 2 comes with LTE connectivity supported by networks in Europe Asia and Latin America, but it should come with US-friendly radios if it makes it to the US (let’s hope so).

We have already seen the leaked specs and benchmarks. These prove this smartphone/tablet/netbook to be powerful enough to make your world go around. All details should be coming afloat by October 16, so definitely stay tuned to Phandroid for this one.

[Source: GCF Via: Unwired View]

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  • a)

    If it doesn’t have Key Lime Pie it’s dead in the water.

    • Daniel Tiberius

      lol not quite. KLP isn’t even out yet, nor announced. Rumor is 4.2 is still going to be JB.

      • a)

        Someone with inside info has said it is Kumquat and not KLP

        • Daniel Tiberius

          I lol’d

        • ari_free

          Most people won’t know what a kumquat is but they will make fun of it.

    • peanutsrevenge

      Asus have (IMO) a good reputation for updating their devices in a pretty decent time frame, so I’d certainly disagree with this.

  • acey_zero

    I hope it is actually a Nexus :)

    • Peter Rios

      I would die if it was. Crossing my fingers hoping. :-)

  • Magnus100

    Another POS by Asus! How the devil do you release a phone with only 2gb of internal storage, does Asus think it’s 1995? Please don’t buy this phone, it’s about as useful as a used menstrual pad!

    • jbo1018

      That’s 2GB of **RAM** bro. I haven’t seen any mention of storage space yet. I highly doubt they would go below 8GB thought. Likely 16 and/or 32GB as that is the high end standard.

      • a)

        Yeah, but does it have a Hemi?

    • Nieves Diaz III


    • ari_free

      Please tell me this is a joke otherwise we’re going to have to banish you to iPhoneland for your stupidity.

  • Joseph Lee

    Dark horse nexus ;)

  • REVS

    T MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Donovan Shore

      Oh please god. If this is confirmed for T-Mo before the Note 2 release then I will wait it out. I guess the Nexus lineup would hopefully be outed also by then. But I would go for the Padfone over the Nexus I believe. If no news though then Note 2 here I come.

  • http://phandroid tissler

    Please , let it be a nexus with a 4.7 inch screen on the phone no smaller and micro SD on it with a SD on the tablet and oh yes removable battery and I would definitely get it , I HAVE been patient since my HTC hd2 .

  • Thomas Edwards

    If it’s equivalent to the Optimus G in hardware and has a uSD card and a removable battery I’d buy this before I bought a Nexus, Asus updates their phones very quickly and the added software for tablet compliance is pretty cool if you want a tablet device as well.

  • http://phandroid tissler

    @ ari_free, I can dream about a high end spec fone from a good company (for me that’s from Asus and not LG) and i cannot afford two contracts( i.e fone and tablet) so it makes sense on my part at least to get the padfone 2 but it is wishfull thinking on my part as I would like a tablet as well but one like the nexus seven I have, (tongue in cheek) with pure android . Added bonus , tablet having a SD card. Too much to ask, BTW I prefer android over apple any day.