RAZR i, RAZR HD added to Motorola’s bootloader unlock program

Motorola has added two new handsets to its bootloader unlock program in the form of the global RAZR HD and Intel-powered RAZR i. This covers RAZR HD handsets in Europe, Australia, South America, and the Canadian cariant on Rogers and the RAZR i in all regions. The bootloader unlock program offers a path to modifying the software of these Motorola phones without putting it on consumers to purchase an unlocked “developer edition” of the handsets, as will be the case in the US for the Droid RAZR HD.

[Motorola via DroidLife]

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  • Alejandro

    It should be called Motorola’s ball squeezing program, I’ll never buy another motorola as long as I breathe

  • RA W II

    Owner of 2 original razrs, (yes I know not a smart phone). And now razr maxx. I felt bad for moto customers who bought the orginal driod razr, then they release the mazxx. Happy I have the maxx. It has not let me down. Disapointed yes that it will not be even a year old when the maxx hd is avalible. But to me moto makes solid phones. So much that I am temped to save all my fun money just to purchase the maxx hd when its avalible. And YES Im excited about google n moto being together. Oh please give us Droid Nexus Maxx HD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • a) youth.in.asia


    MASS CONFUSION AMONG iDiots and iSheep