Friendcaster update brings video posting to groups, profiles, and events

While we await an upgrade to the official Facebook upgrade that should improve the experience 10 fold, OneLouder-developed alternative Friendcaster has gotten itself a great new upgrade in the Play Store. One of the biggest changes is the ability to post videos to groups, profiles, and event pages.

They’ve also streamlined the photo and video upload dialogs, disabled the “save news feed position” option by default, updated the Facebook Chat API for changes to private messaging threads, fixed the bug that caused users to view the wrong photo from the news feed, and more. Not a bad update at all, I’d say, and it’s awaiting you in the Google Play Store.

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  • ntegrit

    Quentyn, did you actually use this before describing it as a “great new upgrade”? The damn thing won’t even open for me! (VZW Galaxy Nexus, Jelly Bean)

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Works for me no problem, sir. Have you tried clearing cache or app data? Uninstalling and reinstalling?

      Update: Same exact phone and software as you, BTW.

    • blest

      Because it doesn’t work for you.. That means he didn’t use it? Lol

      • ntegrit

        Since you apparently didn’t understand my comment, I’ll clarify it for you. I didn’t declare that Quentyn hadn’t used it, I simply raised the question. And, if that difference is too subtle for you to comprehend, I apologize. My upset stemmed from the fact that, in addition to not opening, the uninstall / reinstall (never thought of clearing cache / data) necessitated numerous logins, along with the fact that I’d gone through the identical procedure the last time I updated this app. That said, however, I will concede that this update does seem to have cleared up some problems that I was having!

  • Frankie Abaddon

    Works fine on Sprints Galaxy Nexus running CM10.

  • Daniel

    Here’s the link to the free version in the Play store: