Plague Inc. For Android Now Available – Create a Disease, Kill Off Humanity, What’s Not To Love?

After infecting 1.3 million users on iOS, Plague Inc is now officially available for Android. No, this isn’t more Android malware, this is a game, sillies. The internet has been abuzz over this title and although I couldn’t quite find myself getting into it, maybe you’ll have a better time unleashing a plague onto the world. I’m not quite sure how to classify Plague Inc. It doesn’t quite fit into your normal gaming genres. For arguments sake, we’ll just go ahead and call it a strategy game, one that allows players to create a plague, make it strong, and eventually kill off every human on the planet. I heard it was found in Bin Laden’s iPhone before he — nevermind.

Success is accomplished a variety of ways, and there are a bunch of variables you need to take into account. All of this is buried in countless menus and sub menus with an eerie soundtrack playing in the background that… will just…. put you… to slee…Zzzzzz. Please, don’t let my opinion sway you. Keep in mind Plague Inc has already been a huge hit on iOS, and that many millions Apple users putting down that much into something couldn’t possibly be wrong, right? Don’t answer that. But, unlike the iOS version, Plague Inc is free right now in the Google Play Store so it wont cost you a cent to give it a download. Be sure to let me know what you think. I’m gonna give it another shot before bed.

[Play Store Link]

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  • Kinginator

    President of Madagascar: Shut. Down. EVERYTHING.

  • Mark2468

    File way too big to not move it to my sd card.

  • kev2684

    this is relevant to my interests.

  • guitarist5122

    Thx for sharing. Will probably be my new time wasting addiction

  • To_Oaxaca

    Its a great game :) , the thing is that forces closes occasionally, and not only on my device hut Ive seen that on others also.

    • guitarist5122

      It does lag often on my g2x, but thankfully no FCs. Not too surprised though. Seems like these iOS ports often need ironing out.

  • Victor Ng

    Has a bit of flashing errors like black screen because of all the ads and it is a bit annoying

  • Chimphappyhour

    Would you like to play a game?

    • Mario Marcuri

      How about a good game of chess?

  • TaqukaAq

    This is one hell of an addictive game. A huge replayability factor, which is a huge thing. And there are multiple outcomes to trying the same techniques as there is an added feature of randomness to the game. A drawback by the developers is that when you select to save, you have to quit as well, which then causes you to waste more time loading the game back up and it also has a proble with stability where it crashes after about 10min of gameplay or so.

    Countless strategies to go through with and without buying the game. but seeing as how many other games for other systems there are out there that have less replayability, paying the $1.06 for the full version is a definite should do.

    BTW, the soundtrack isn’t all that great, but it only makes it difficult to stay awake if you play before going to sleep. My rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Would be 5 of 5 but the game’s repeated crashing and backwards save function are deal killers.