Samsung set to unveil Galaxy S3 Mini on October 11 in Germany?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 first popped up in rumors dating back to August, and it now appears its announcement could be right around the corner. A press event to take place in Germany on October 11th features the familiar ‘S’ logo along with text that can more or less be translated to mean “something small will be really big” and “get ready for a little sensation.” Sure sounds like Sammy is teasing a tiny terror there.

Not much is known about the Galaxy S3 Mini, but as its name implies most expect a device that borrows the look and feel of the flagship model while outfitting it with slightly parsed down specs that could include a 4-inch display at 480×800 resolution and a dual-core processor coupled with a 5MP camera. If things pan out, we should have all questions answered by the 11th.

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  • Marsg

    was really hoping for a nexus.

  • Jameslepable

    I hope it’s the exact same specs but in a 4 inch display. Going directly against the iPhone5. Make it a similar resolution to the iPhone as well and that will be that.

    • ineptone

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Offer the same beastly specs but in a smaller package for people wanting a more manageable size.

      • ari_free

        And THEN they could use the vaunted Galaxy name.

    • Matthew Merrick

      that’ll just be sued out of existence o_O

      • Ahhk

        Yeah…they’ll probably get sued for copying Apple’s innovative (and probably recently patented) “4-inch, about 16×9 screen”.

  • socalrailroader

    Like, OMG, it’s soooo gross! :D

  • andrew parkinson

    They should release jellybean for my galaxy s3 first before the bring out more phones with jellybean installed

    • Go Hawkeyes

      They have released JB for the S3. Blame the US carriers for bastardizing the phones to the point that they have to modify the release to get it to work.

      • New_Guy777

        Actually, the GS3 is the most similar across carriers, International and US Domestic. The biggest differences came with American LTE atennas, which the Exynos Quad chip didn’t support. Therefore, the LTE enabled GS3’s had to go dual core, but bumped up the RAM in order to make up for the slack. Now, that little problem (insurmountable unless Samsung had gone back to the drawing board on the architecture of the chip) has caused a hold-up, but I’d bet hard cash that it’ll have Jelly Bean officially before Christmas on all US carriers.

  • Richard Gilboy

    This could be interesting because the current Galaxy Mini is $129. I wouldn’t mind paying for this.

  • stretch

    A better translation would be:
    “Small can be *this big* (white text) and big can be this small”

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Way to ruin your flagships name….

    • Aslan Bollin

      Agreed. Samsung really needs to stop putting the Galaxy or at the least the Galaxy S branding on every device they make and keep it to their top devices. All it does is slowly diminish the brand name when they continue putting it on their budget and mid level devices aswell

  • oneillperson

    GS3 mini? That’s so gross.

  • chris boyer

    This better be a quad core device with their super amoled screen if that is the name of it. I think it would be hilarous if it was a 4 inch screen labeled mini…imo

  • moises1204

    that’s a great idea for those of us that like the feel of the iPhone but don’t like ios, finally a power house on a medium shaped phone, i like the way the iPhone fits in my hands and pocket i just do not like ios, is just way too behind android, go Samsung go.

  • Magnus100

    POS phone. This stupid thing is just a blemish to the Galaxy name. The specs just made me puke

  • ari_free

    My problem with this is that a lot of people want the specs of the SGS3 and high resolution but not so big.

  • SwHtx713

    Those specs sound so gross

  • E

    This phone’s already out. It’s called the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G Relay. I have it and it has a qwerty keyboard. It was released on September 19, it has the S4 processor, 4 inch display, 5mp camera, and slightly less RAM (1 gig compared to 2).

  • Daniel Tiberius

    It’s funny that 4 inches is now “Mini”