Motorola drops ITC lawsuit against Apple, no one knows why

Motorola has filed to have its most recent ITC complaint against Apple — one asking for the commission to ban the import and sale of the iPhone and iPad on the basis of patent infringement –withdrawn without much of an explanation. Motorola explicitly states in the latest court documents that no agreement whatsoever has been reached between the two parties, an outcome typically implied by such a move.

The choice to withdraw the complaint likely means Motorola (or parent company Google) did not feel their case was as solid as they did back in August when it was originally filed. There is a slim chance that some sort of settlement is in the works between the Apple and Motorola, but give the Cupertino-based company’s history with patent litigation, we have serious doubts that this is the case.

[via The Verge]

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  • Alex Alexander

    If they have an agreement I just expect that also include the OMEs and dont just let them without support…

    • ingua2


      The problem is Moto is not Google in this case. Google won’t blanket protect their hardware devs, as witnessed in the Sammy verus Apple crap. This is where Android becomes a sticky mess. Google owns a hardware dev now, so they’ll be looking out for their own interests.

  • Matt Falber

    Could we make it a new thing to take a drink every time a Phandroid author writes Cupertino in a post? Honestly, you’re killing me. We all know where Apple is located.

    • jbo1018

      I see apple as well as others referred to that way in tons of blogs. “down in Cupertino” “the boys in Redmond” “the Mountain View team” etc…

    • ArberBeq

      almost every blog site does this.


      It’s a Cali thing….

    • Albert Naranjo

      I just think it’s funny that this Android site writes more articles about Apple than most people would expect.

      • No_Nickname90

        This is about Motorola lawsuit. =.S

  • nick


  • Brad Hutchings

    Political. They’re going to focus their lobbying efforts over patent reform on getting the ITC out of these disputes. The ITC is a protectionist anachronism. It was not made so US companies could poke each other in the eye because their offshore production of their goods.

  • PITT Disc Golf

    Apple patented the lawsuit process so they would just have to sue
    Motorola for patent infringements by being sued by them! Sue and end up
    getting sued…It’s just that simple!

  • PuzzledObserver

    Probably an out-of court arrangement between the two companies. Apple may realise that it is not yet ready to go thermo-nuclear againts everybody at the same time.

  • CharlieTX

    With all the problems the iPhone5 has, the press they’d get from being sued for infringing on Android related patents would be just more negative press. I suspect they settled by agreeing to cross license a broader array of patents, that way no money changes hands and they both win.

  • Remo J Gutierrez

    I don’t like this news..
    And GOOGLEs CEO had a sit down with Apples CEO about a month ago? Where are the transcripts of that conversation. Sure som lawsuit claims are getting old but if Apple can sue rectangular devices the hell with them.

  • DarrenR

    Wasnt there a few articles about how Google was trying to talk Apple into sharing its toys in the sandbox? Maybe they bribed Apple with a piece of candy?

  • Alejandro

    I’m hoping Tim has woken up

  • Teh_Babyarm

    My money is on Tim Cook playing nice with Larry Page sort of behind the scenes. Remember this?

  • AnRek

    May it be because they don’t like to look like the naste, no good, patent-troll Apple ? – even to hurt that nasty competition and development hating company ?