After delay, Jelly Bean update arrives for ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity


Originally schedule to launch last Friday, the 28th of September, ASUS announced that the Android 4.1 update for their Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T) would be delayed until sometime this week. The company’s software department must have worked their tails off over the weekend, as reports are rolling in this morning of Jelly Bean’s arrival for the top-tier slate. We have the visual confirmation straight from our own Android Forums.

The update comes just days after ASUS launched the same new software for the popular Transformer Prime tablet. No word on when or if the Transformer Pad TF300 will receive the same treatment. Head on over to the link below to join in on the discussion and let us know what you think of Android 4.1 on the Transformer Pad Infinity!

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. uhhh the tf300 was the first tablet to get the update…

    1. The Motorola Xoom was the first actually

  2. The TF300 got jellybean first already :p

  3. This is how it’s done MOTOROLA, you make a promise, & then you follow through & KEEP your promises to your customers.

    Nice job, ASUS!

    1. That’s funny I’ve had jelly bean on my xoom for a while

  4. If only everyone updated like Asus.

  5. The tf300 has had the update for a month already.

  6. now if only Asus could fix the “sleep/reboot” issue on the tf300

  7. I’m confused… I was playing with one of these at best buy about 3 weeks ago and it already had jelly bran on it. Is this a re release or are they already updated out of the box?

  8. I just got Jelly Bean on my Prime last night. It’s a really good update! Project Butter improvements are apparent, and the really troublesome lag on loading Web pages (which always seemed to be a Transformer problem, not a Honeycomb or ICS problem) is finally gone, I think.

    Google Now seems to be working nicely, it only speaks if language is set to US English. I normally use UK English (we tend to favour UK spellings here in Canada), and had grown quite fond of the male, British voice on my Nexus S. I miss him on my Prime!

  9. I hope that Gmail finally works without crashing every 10 seconds. Still waiting for a dock with a proper Spanish language keyboard though.

  10. Now if only I could get it to update…

  11. Surprising that the Infinity lagged behind the Prime. I hope they issue another update soon though as while 99% of Jellybean on the Transformer is great the fact I have to load a web page to do a google search without voice is a pain. As good as google voice is why does the default search widget not allow you to type a search like on the phone?

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