OUYA Backer Rewards: Phandroid Given Special Access To Dev Team and Launch Event, GameFans Branded On Consoles

As we inch closer to the launch of the world’s first Android mini-console, today OUYA announced a few updates for early backers. First off, we all know the OUYA has been generating some buzz with consumers, and yes, even gaining support from a few big name game publishers like Square Enix. But what about smaller game developers and studios? Has the OUYA been met with the same warm reception as consumers? The answer is a resounding, yes.

OUYA announced today that over 1,000 developers have contacted their team looking to get in on the game changing console. Keep in minds that’s in addition to the 800 developers who have backed the console on Kickstarter, looking to get early access to the OUYA development kits. Now after a bit of calculating, that brings the new grand total to about 2,000 developers optimistic about the OUYA’s future and you know what else? We are too.

So much in fact that our parent company Neverstill Media has backed the OUYA at the highest tier on Kickstarter meaning you’ll see our newly launched sister site GameFans emblazoned on the back of every first run console. What’s more is Phandroid was able to get in on some of the action as well, qualifying for the “Elite Developer Special.” That means we’ll not only have direct access to OUYA’s developer team, but we’ll be on hand for the launch event in March. There’s also some whisperings that a Phandroid gaming app could soon be on the way as well.

OUYA also mentioned they’re already in talks with 50 international distributors that will help spread the console to the four corners of the globe. Seems the OUYA is playing all their cards right, gearing up for a huge release, and more launch titles than you can shake a controller at. March couldn’t come fast enough.

[GameFans | Kotaku | OUYA]

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  • Siddharth Motwani

    I would be excited about this if I didn’t just get an awesome, new PC.

    • JulianZHuang

      me too, i just built a new ivy pc, but also backed them haha


        Nothing wrong with having a bit of both worlds :)

        • godrilla

          true, best worlds pc and android ;)

    • Montisaquadeis

      Hmm compare the price of that new Thousand dollar+ to the $99 of the OUYA and yeah most people would spring for the console.

      • Pistachio

        A gaming computer doesn’t have to be over a thousand dollars. Only the overly expensive brands and crazy spec’ed custom PCs cost more than a thousand or two.

      • ari_free

        Yeah but you’d get real AAA games for PC or any of the other consoles, and not something called Mike’s Lovely Frog Adventure. I really don’t know about this but I’m sure it will be great for hobbyists.

  • Jerome Fuerte

    Do people who pre-order get any special benefits like being able to select their usernames early or was that just for those who backed it up on kickstarter?

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      I think it was just for backers. OUYA just emailed my (I backed) and was able to get my username in early.

      • bmg314

        User name: “HairSupply69″ ? Or “Bouffant”? Maybe just “TheHair”?


        • KosmoCrisis

          That’s mean…I would have suggested “Pepe Le Pew”

          • Michael Thompson

            reference fail
            resume play


        Did you select a gamer name, or your given name.

        • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

          Gamer name.

    • Montisaquadeis

      I would be very surprised if the user names I normally use were to get taken since they are not standard names and are very different then what you normally see on things like that.

      So I am currently not worred about losing them on the OUYA/site.

      • No_Nickname90

        My username was taken on Youtube. So I had to add an extra “90”. =.[

        But you’re right. It’s not like every person who uses a user name uses EVERY website that can use a Username. And most people keep the same user name anyways. LoL!!

        • Montisaquadeis

          I have a small bundle of Usernames personally. Most of them are D&D character names like the one I am using here.

  • Guest

    Phandroid should avoid writing things in the titles of their articles like “special access.”

    • KosmoCrisis

      Elite Developer Special – “- a closely guarded email address that gives you direct access to our team…” = special

  • No_Nickname90

    Hmm… I still have to see some reviews. But I think I may consider getting this.

  • bmg314

    I know one Phandroid blogger who wasn’t too optimistic about OUYA’s future. O_o



    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Kevin! *shakes fist* :p

  • Michael Thompson

    I came so close to jumping on this but then I realized that I spend zero time in front of consoles and most of my time on my tablets.

  • Limbonik

    I’ll wait for the second run of consoles. Not particularly interested in a bunch of random names cut into the system.


    I just hope this thing doesn’t go the way of GoLive

    • blueyedsoul1

      GoLive? Are you thinking of OnLive?

  • paulkirsch

    This is a novel concept worth supporting. I for one will try it out at gizmotakeout or rentcell and see how it goes.

  • ari_free

    They are ‘in contact,’ they have ‘discussions’ but do they actually have these developers on board? That’s the real question. They say they have Square Enix but it’s for Final Fantasy III. Not quite like getting XIII

  • warcaster

    Still hoping it comes out directly with Tegra 4.

  • http://twitter.com/Emosnd Esmond Yeo

    they’re still many great games that aren’t gonna be available for ouya and even onlive (like halo, unchartered etc.)

    besides, android is too easy to pirate games which makes it and even bigger turn down for game companies. hell that’s the reason why game makers aren’t even releasing (or delayed, like super street fighter 4) some of their biggest games for the PC.

    also, people are too used to paying a few dollars for games on android. how do big game companies expect to earn revenue from AAA titles? just look at the comments for Final Fantasy 3 in Google Play, it costs less than $10 and people are already complaining about it despite the fact that it costed at least 2x more when it was first released on console.

    -opinion from a xbox 360 owner

    • Egin Tollkuci

      One of the main points from the Ouya kickstarter was that games would be free…I hope people who bought this weren’t expecting full fledged halo or assassin’s creed or something. Ouya is no more powerful than flagship smartphones….