Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 will be $50 on Black Friday

It usually isn’t until the beginning of November that we start to see the Black Friday ads leak, but someone has gotten their hands on at least one of Sprint’s Black Friday deals nearly two months ahead of the illustrious shopping day.

It’s been revealed that Sprint will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 for just $50 for November 23rd only. The price is usually $200, and you won’t find many other opportunities to get this thing under $100 any other time.

It is possible, and likely, that Sprint still has other deals under wraps so we’ll have to see what they’re enticing users with as we inch closer to one of the most exciting shopping days of the year. Is anyone biting? [via Engadget]

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  • NYCHitman1

    That is one hell of a deal

  • http://twitter.com/feeheelee Stephen Feehily

    I am eligible for an upgrade next week and am going back and forth between this and the HTC EVO 4G LTE. I just wonder if this would be for upgrades too…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=562493976 Jerome OnmyGrind Conrad

      Dont do the EVO 4G LTE… I have that phone and I’m am searching for ways to dump it for a S3… its awful… nice phone but so many bugs and its HTC…Dude go with Samsung!

      • Pnutt916

        What kind of bugs? after the update this phone runs smooth!!

    • Pnutt916

      I was at that point too. I went for the Evo, the GS3 is almost to popular and I like the build quality of the Evo. You really can’t go wrong with either, but I hear the GS3 in gonna get the update to JellyBean quicker in October.

      • nickP

        the galaxy s3 is future proof

        • Pnutt916

          No non Nexus phone is “Future Proof” all Android phones are out dated about 6 months later.

          • bmg314


          • ari_free

            All Apple phones are outdated 6 months earlier! aha!
            Then there’s Windows Phone 7…

          • Pnutt916

            Apple phones are out dated on arrival! Lol

      • Chad Cardwell

        My wife has the EVO 4G LTE and yes the build quality is very nice and she loves the phone. However, she let it slip off her lap onto some concrete and it chipped a slab of paint off the bottom corner on the backside. It didn’t just chip the paint, no, it sheared off a 1/2″ chunk of paint exposing the bare plastic underneath. It’s like the paint didn’t bond well or something. Anywho, phone still works fine and she’s just going to cover up the blemish with a case — a case that would have prevented the paint chip. I tried to convince her to get a case earlier… but noooooo… :/

  • Mark2468

    DAMN, and my upgrade isn’t available until December 1st, DAMN

    • leocal79

      Talk with sprint if your a long time customer they may bump your upgrade. Keep calling trust me

    • Pnutt916

      Buy out the rest of your contract. You being this close it shouldn’t cost very much.

      • JoeRico

        Buying out the contract would be a STUPID idea. HE only has a few weeks to wait….and Sprint SHOULD grant him an early release if they want to retain him as a customer for another 2 years. AT&T released me 4 months early…..so one month is no big deal. Once the S3 hits the $50 mark on Black Friday it will be discounted by Amazon and Walmart. Walmart has had the S3 for $149.88 for the past month before any other retailer….probably an exclusive deal they struck with AT&T. Once the 6 month mark hits for any smartphone the price WILL come down. Look what just happened to the HTC ONE X. $50 at Best Buy…..$20 on Amazon. And we all know Best Buy price Matches so the lowest price wins. I was just about to get an HTC ONE X….but I’ll wait to see how the S3 game plays out.

  • youareme7

    It’s a month and a half away with the potential rumors of a salvo of nexus phones. If that turns out to be true everyone is going to be discounting GS3’s in November.

  • Pnutt916

    I probably could have guessed this without seeing the ad. Of course its gonna get a price drop by then….. The Note 2 will be out and the New Nexus will be the talk of the town!

  • oneloveonehate

    I may finally get one i chose the Gnex due to impatience and pure Google and i love the soft keys

  • http://twitter.com/Protweetlo Nick Prochilo

    If we still haven’t heard anything on the Nexus front, I might bite. It’s between Sprint and T-Mobile (or pre-paid) anyway for me.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    That’s sprints apology for not having gotten their 4G right the first time.

    • NYCHitman1

      Same old tired argument. Can’t you think of something new?

      • a) youth.in.asia

        Can’t Sprint deploy something new?

        • NYCHitman1

          You must be another person who thinks networks build themselves overnight. If it were that simple, you should go out there and do it too.

  • james ortiz

    people should run away from sprint….worst carrier I have ever been on

  • BrandoHD

    This is a very good deal

  • Neville Berger

    samsung i9300 is great, http://goo.gl/IKPCZ