Official New York Times app updated with Holo UI

We’re always happy to see more Holo-themed apps hit the Google Play Store, and another has landed into our laps. New York Times readers can finally enjoy their stories on the go with an interface that was designed for devices with Android 3.2+, and if you somehow haven’t seen how those apps look you need to trade that rock in for a Galaxy Nexus.

More than just looks, though, they’ve added a lot of feel and function. For starters, TTS for Ice Cream Sandwich and higher is enabled for those who want to have articles read to them.

Other changes include updated navigation features, a widget that includes images, a list of your most visited blogs, and previews of the next article in line. All they’re asking for the download is 1.9MB so if this is your news outlet of choice be sure to get the app from the source link ahead. [Google Play Store]

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  • Caffiend

    Seriously though…. Get an update that puts this app on a tablet, (Ahem, Nook) and then shut up and take my money cause I would gladly pay for that.