New Website Provides Android Gamers With Popular Button Maps For Paired PlayStation 3 Controllers

For those that have gone through the process of pairing their old PlayStation 3 Sixaxis controller with their Android device know that’s only half the battle to gaming bliss on their phone or tablet. The other part involves the sometimes arduous task of mapping the controller with the virtual buttons found in apps that may not be compatible with the controller off the bat.

Thankfully, there’s a new website called SixAxis of Power that looks to help Android gamers by providing button maps for the hottest games currently available in the Play Store. Simply select your device and the game you’d like play using your PS3 controller, then download the button map and be on your way. Couldn’t be easier. For those that have already created maps for a game on your device, jump onto SixAxis of Power and create and account where you can them with your fellow gamers. Guess all we need now is an app to make the process even more intuitive and seamless.

[SixAxis of Power]

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