Eric Schmidt goes Gangnam Style on South Korea

By now everyone is familiar with the YouTube sensation that is South Korean rapper PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” The catchy tune is accompanied by an equally catchy dance that has spread like wildfire, getting people everywhere to jockey up and ride an invisible horse to the pulsing bass of the song. Including Google chairman Eric Schmidt. Without further comment, we present his take on the dance captured during a recent visit to South Korea.

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  • RozJC



    Nice…..I hope they treted Psy better than that b*tch Ellen did.

    • NYCHitman1

      This was in his home territory, so I don’t think he would be treated poorly there. If anything, he’s probably become a king there.

      • izzyt

        Or an emperor! Lol

  • DYNK

    This is a sound tune. So addicted to it lol

  • Go Hawkeyes

    I’m going to have to see what this gangnam thing is all about. My kids keep talking about it. I must be the only one left that hasn’t seen it.

  • No_Nickname90

    Another reason why Google is so awesome!! They’re willing to mingle with anyone!! =.D

  • master94

    Google= Pure Awesomeness.

  • PC_Tool

    I have not been able to get this song out of my head for weeks….

    It’s awesome is killing me…

  • onpoint G

    Caption- I’m rich so what if I look funny doing it

  • ari_free

    GTA Gangnam style

  • Dulal

    Samsung should use this for their promos, since both originates from Korea well my opinion.

  • Noypistuff

    PSY has come a long way… Good for him… Oh the Google boss has some moves.. :D