Matrix One is an affordable 7 inch Ice Cream Sandwich device for just $59

If you’re looking for a very cheap Android tablet, why not consider this option that one of our readers tipped us off to? It’s a 7 inch WVGA tablet called the Matrix One, and the price tag will have a few people considering it despite the antiquated specs — $59.99, is all.

For that, you’re getting a 1.5GHz Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, Android 4.0.3, a 2 megapixel front-facing camera for video calls, and more. It’s easy to snicker at this tale of the tape, but those looking for an affordable multimedia device for Christmas or just for kicks should strongly consider the Matrix One. Get started here.

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  • Walter Partlo

    Hell, that is cheap enough to buy just to use as a webcam for GTalk.

  • CiDhed

    I wonder if the bootloader is unlockable. If it is then this could end up being a neat little tablet. May pick one up just to play with.

  • a)

    I wonder what the battery life is like…

    • CiDhed

      Can’t be too bad. 1.5ghz single core, AOSP and a 3200mah battery.

  • Unorthodox

    The specs are not as half bad. I’m still using my good old Nook Color under CM9 and pretty happy with it. A couple of these could easily go into my twins’ hands, instead of rip-off Vtech tablets($50) that want $5 for every app out there (and there are not too many). If only I could find those neat bumper skins of Nabi.

  • sergio batz

    This would be great for my son hes only 3 so he doesnt need anything super fancy.

    • DrewNusser

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

      • samagon

        you were thinking this would be great for Sergio’s son? How weird!

        • DrewNusser

          Seems like a good kid. I think he’s earned it.

          • sergio batz

            Are we like twins that were split at birth?weird.

  • Blkegk

    I’m buying this. Can’t go wrong at this price point.

  • Big_EZ

    The only spec that would keep me from buying it is 512mb of ram. Everything else is good enough for a $59 tablet.

  • Lincoln King

    One key might be access to Google Play. But, if you can root it, might be worth it.

    • Michael Landauer

      The specs say “Rooted out of the Box”… so it shouldn’t be a problem to install the Play Store.

  • Manbearpig

    Bought it. With FedEx ground it came to $71

    • Unorthodox

      I ordered two, but I’m getting a bad feeling about this – the phone is out of service, the chat is offline, the forum is empty. And on top, the name of the company is “Direct Marketing”. Do you guys find it fishy?

      • Manbearpig

        This is the educational model and that’s why it only has the 512 or ram. They may have over purchased thinking schools would gobble them up. I’m hoping for the best =)

  • RobWild

    They also have some other models too. A dual core. For 149, the N7 is a better fit but good to see some of these out there.

  • B1G_R1G

    I’m thinking this is a great price for an auto-console tab. Except for the ram, pretty decent. Hard to beat for under $100.

  • samagon

    GPS and bluetooth?

    if it has these, it would be a great little head unit for the car!

  • steveb944

    Anyone know if this has the Play Store? Or is only e.g. Amazon Appstore available?

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Its cool for $60.

  • mike payton

    a 7″ tablet is only good as an e-reader anyway. this would be fine for that.

    I did see at this:
    Full USB
    Mini HDMI (1080p HDMI out)
    microSD: up to 32GB

    How is it that the N7 would have been too expensive with ANY of these features for Google to have bothered to include them?

    • Unorthodox

      Do not forget – every sub-budget tablet’s purpose is to promote services and content consumption. Amazon does that, Google too. They don’t want you to keep your media on home computer, they want it on the Cloud.

  • AMbro86

    It’s not as laughable as I thought it would be, but for the price it seems reasonable.

  • RavenFox


  • ScottyByrd

    Just ordered two for the kids for Xmas lol. Cant beat
    $60 for something decent like this

    • Unorthodox

      Have you guys received any communications from the company, or updates about your orders?

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    not any that i can find.

  • Guest

    Mom just ordered one for reading, watching Youtube, and simple apps. Gonna enjoy trying to get Google Play working for the small community we’re building. Maybe we’ll get some developers on board at this price point, just for messing around.

    • Unorthodox

      Yeah, that would be great, as I don’t have skills to develop rooting hacks.

      • David

        Features – Rooted out of the Box

  • ShaunOfTheLive

    Antiquated specs? Maybe, but it’s a lot better than the phones that are still being sold for $200 with 600MHz, 256MB RAM and 160MB internal storage.

    • Ben Kapferer

      I’d like to see these guys do something with one of Mediatek’s newer processors. It would be a great value for a phone!

  • SoSekas

    They ran out of Matrix Ones but they marked down the newer replacement model for 72 hours, Matrix One 7. I ordered. Good deal. Rep said it was made with better materials etc, more storage, smoother operating…less cam pixels no big deal. Just need it to surf the web on the couch.

  • David

    Only ship to US?

  • Unorthodox


    • Manbearpig

      I got mine today! Ended up being the 16 gb with 1 gb Ram

      • Unorthodox

        Hawly! Double treat… Congrats!

  • Guest

    Yeah I know, that and “Rooted out of box” were added afterwards.

  • Lincoln King

    My secretary ordered this today. Google Play Store is installed on the device already. It is not a bad device at all for the price.