Jelly Bean factory image now available for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, JRO03R binaries available for all Nexus devices

With Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus finally receiving its update to Jelly Bean, Google has made the factory image of Android 4.1.1 available for download. The updated image for build JRO03R comes as the binaries for the same Android build have been posted for all currently supported Nexus devices, including the Nexus S (crespo, crespo4G), Galaxy Nexus (maguro, toro), and Nexus 7 (grouper) as well as the Motorola XOOM WiFi (wingray). The Korean release of the Samsung Nexus S remains without a Jelly Bean factory image.

[Google 1, 2 via AndroidPolice]

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    Is G-Wallet pre-installed?

    • Douglas Hill

      You will have to side load it :(

  • bob

    this update f’d up my vzw gnex worse then it was before. no wonder Verizon didn’t release if. They had to completely mutilate it first.

    • Adam Tentis

      How did it make things worse. Mine runs great

    • yami951

      unless you are bound by restrictions from a company with your phone, i would say to hell with verizon and root+unlock that bad boy. then, put aokp build 3 on it. all your magical unicorn wishes will come true.

  • prohunter

    I just got the ota this morning go figure they would release it today on a side note I was rooted and using team win recovery and it had no problems installing some people where saying you had to have stock recovery to install the ota update

  • Chris Noland

    not all… toroplus still is not maintained :-(