Google Nexus 7 Comes To Japan – Now Available via The Play Store

Google and ASUS’ highly-affordable Nexus 7 is set for world domination, now finally available in the land of the rising sun. Starting today, the 16GB Nexus 7 can be purchased direct from the Google Play Store for the same reasonable price of 19,800 yen ($250). This marks the first time the N7 has been available in Asia adding to France, Germany, Spain, Canada, UK and of course, the U.S. For our Android friends in India, they could be next, with some chatter that a launch could be coming in November.


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  • chuckles87

    I just bought one yesterday and this is the most amazing thing ever. I can’t even stand using my phone anymore unless I’m not around WiFi

  • Muhammad Aizuddin Zulkifli

    funny how it was launched in Malaysia a couple of days back, and everyone is saying Japan is the first Asian country to have the Nexus 7 Launch…and more funny though that the Malaysian price is quoted by Asus as RM999, which is not USD250 and more to USD320ish.

  • shonangreg

    I’m in Japan, and I don’t see the Nexus 7 on google Play. Just downloaded Google Books and at launch it told me I couldn’t buy books here yet.

  • Dana Garner-Johnson

    Just wondering why Japan’s WW2 era flag was used for this article?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      It’s the current war flag naval ensign of Japan’s Ground and Maritime Self-Defense Forces.

      Also: Bad-ass flag is bad-ass.

      • Chris Chavez

        Yeah, honestly it it always reminded me of E-Honda’s stage from street fighter. Probably the coolest flag EVER O_o

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          Strong call, C! Ah, the time & quarters I pumped into that game…

          Also: Chun-Li or GTFO

        • Dana Garner-Johnson

          It is pretty bad ass!