Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update commences, Samsung provides full list of phones to receive Android 4.1

Samsung has begun the rollout of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3, and the first country to receive the latest version of Google’s mobile OS on Samsung’s latest flagship device is…Poland. The update commences today and introduces the Gs3 to such enhancements as Google Now and Project Butter as well as new TouchWiz elements including “pop-up play” (picture-in-picture) and something called Easy Mode. Samsung says a gradual rollout will have the update launching in other markets soon.

In the meantime, the OEM has taken the opportunity to provide an update on the list of devices that will receive Android 4.1 before all is said in done. The list includes the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy S2 LTE, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Ace Plus, Galaxy Mini 2, Galaxy S Duos, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1. Exact delivery of said Jelly Bean updates will vary by carrier and region.

[via The Verge]

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  • technohead95

    “new TouchWiz elements including pop-up play”
    pop-up play play is already on the S3 with ICS.

    • ingua2

      different but the same.

  • ingua2

    I think I just touchwiz’d

  • Damon Lewis

    I was hoping the Galaxy tab 10.1 would get it.

  • Goldni007

    I think it is a pop up and play s-memo feature or internet or something.

  • Sayan

    Samsung Ace Plus to Get Jelly Bean update…is it true??? Please confirm

  • tim bennett

    Not the Galaxy S Relay 4G?

  • Jared Marks

    How large is the update? Mine is showing 30.9Mb on verizon. Im not sure if this is jelly bean or some other update

    • Eric Silva

      That is a totally different update.

  • Viper

    can hope for UK by the end of the week

  • Go Hawkeyes

    manufacturers and carriers need to hire the dev community because my s3 has had jelly bean for many weeks now.

    • ShirtlessKirk

      So has my i9000, but that ain’t gonna happen

    • Russian Roulette

      do u have att??

  • sergiobsb

    hey, what about galaxy tab 7.7?

  • Matt S

    So not the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II?

  • David Sheppardini

    I have the SII LTE (or rather, the Skyrocket as it’s known here) but something tells me that unfortunately we won’t be getting this until about 6 months from now. It took what felt like FOREVER for the Skyrocket to get ICS (which I never installed because I used Custom Roms and eventually CM9.1) and I’m sure AT&T needs to screw things up and delay it. Hopefully soon the modders will be able to just work off the existing JB source code and come up with something good for us all.

  • Nipun Aggarwal

    thats a gr8 list…many low end devices r included …good sammy…now pls dont screw up wid dates

  • MrDSL

    just release the source already sammy…i need me some buttar!

  • PhilNelwyn

    That’s a pretty long list… are you sure it’s not the list of banned devices?


  • Safwaan Patel

    When is out in the UK for S3 customers?