AOKP Build 3 Is Now Available For The Download n’ Flashing

AOKP Build 2 was only released barely a week ago, and now we have the next iteration of the legendary unicorn ROM — Build 3. For Build 3, AOKP has addressed some known issues from Build 2, as well as added some goodies from CyanogenMod, like their all new souped up clock app (with stopwatch and timer functions), and souped up calculator app (with advanced calculating functions for calculating). Build 3 is live on AOKP and for those willing and able to flash onto their device. Links supplied below.

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  • ILIkeBubbles

    Too bad the incredible 4g still doesn’t have root… I’m losing faith in HTC… God damn it Verizon you suck.

  • MoeizW

    Your links aren’t making it through my adblock

    • Chris Chavez

      Weird, working fine here, even with my adblock. Try a different browser maybe?

    • BLADESMAN1889

      Strangely, I had a ‘WARNING this zip could be dangerous due to low amount of downloads’ [maybe not word for word] message from Chrome on completion of download which I’ve never seen/had before – it was because [I think] my download was number 41

  • James Bellerose

    No support for the Verizon SIII boo.

  • aeok18109

    Cant find a working DL link for the pyramid (HTC Sensation). Sad Panda

  • AndrewJamesDejesus

    Epic Touch Why Must You Evade These Wonderful Downloads -_-

  • yami951

    Its sick fo sho

  • DanWazz

    How’s battery life?

  • djjeffe

    this is a super sweet ROM !

  • Splaktar

    Still getting SODs on build 3 on my Hercules. Also Bluetooth phone audio doesn’t work.