Verizon Wireless roadmap shows launch windows for known devices, reveals a few unknown

Verizon Wireless always has an onslaught of devices ready to be unleashed on the shopping crowd during the holiday season. We know they’ll be coming out with a smattering of devices, but it’s tough to say when, exactly, that will be. Thanks to an anonymous tipster that contacted PhoneArena, however, the calendar has gotten a little bit more tight.

According to the alleged roadmap we’re supposed to be seeing the Samsung Stratosphere 2 at the end of this month, the LG Spectrum 2 in October, the DROID Incredible X in November and the DROID RAZR MAXX HD in November — interesting because the regular RAZR HD only has a window of Q4 which could indicate it will launch ahead of the MAXX.

A couple of ZTE tablets also seem to have been on the list for Q3, though considering how close we are to Q4 we can’t imagine Verizon will meet that mark. Finally, one “Pantech Perception” is supposed to be a sequel to the Pantech Breakout, but we haven’t heard anything about this particular device.

In short, I’d just say that it’s safe to assume none of these devices — at least the ones with a month-long launch window — will launch beyond Christmas, let alone too far beyond the couple of weeks following Thanksgiving/Black Friday. We’ll see how accurate the roadmap ends up being before too long. [PhoneArena]

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  • Alex Woods

    Nothing about the note 2?

    • Jeffrey Miles

      Or Nexus?

      • Nlsme

        Or the other Nexus, or the other one either?

      • C-Law

        We already had rumors at this time last year for the gnex. I’m just gonna guess there r no nexi coming this year. The only rumor about them came out shortly after the galaxy nexus was released. Probably not accurate at all

  • GavinGG

    They need to gone head and reveal the to the world and anounce the Note 2!!! I’m ready to switch over!!! Come on VZW! Do not disappoint me

  • Androidster_XLS

    HTC ‘dlx’ could actually be that mysterious 5″ device, but it’s d-I(i)-x, Droid Incredible X!!!

  • Patrick

    I’m gunna pick up a Razr Maxx HD when it drops. Since Motorola is now under Google’s wing, their software will be fairly similar to stock Android which I really like. Also the huge battery is what I need

  • ben7337

    So is the Spectrum 2 the Verizon version of the Optimus G? Or is verizon not getting it? Because the specs I see for a spectrum 2 only have a standard dual core S4 in them.

    Also do we have any confirmation on if the Incredible X is the 5″ HTC superphone? That whole phone seems to be shrouded in mystery.

    Also what happened to the Galaxy Note II? It’s supposed to be out sometime soon too.


    Ok, now can we please get Jelly Bean for GS3????

    • Nonya01

      and begin holding your breath in 3.2.1…go! The Gnexus JUST got Jelly bean (officially from VzW) yesterday and it’s a.) a nexus device and b.) has been out since last November. So while I”m sure the SGS3 will get it from VzW, they won’t be in any hurry to push it out to you. Especially if anything “newer” and “better” takes their focus for the holiday season.


        Which will be the new RAZR lineup. it’s sad that Vzw does us so dirty.

  • Jayshmay

    Any smartphone with REAL/PHYSICAL keyboards coming out?????

  • Jayshmay

    Any rumored specs for the Stratosphere 2?

    • joefresco

      rumor is same as Strat w/ Snapdragon S4… I expect a RAM upgrade also

  • DavidB23

    If they don’t all release with Jellybean; then failure.