SteelSeries Free is headed to market as a very attractive Bluetooth gaming controller

Our friends at SteelSeries have let us know that its new SteelSeries Free (that’s the name, not the price) Bluetooth gaming controller will be set to launch soon. The controller brings a full-featured suite of face and shoulder buttons, as well as dual analog sticks for ultimate control.

They’re boasting battery life of 10 hours for non-stop gaming, and 20 hours of casual gaming. The device will automatically sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity, and you can also use it while it’s charging.

The SteelSeries Free will be compatible with games that offer native gamepad support such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Max Payne, and Shadowgun, as well as any other game that supports Zeemote mapping.

The great thing about the controller is that SteelSeries will be launching its own app called the SteelSeries Engine. It’ll allow users to fully customize and remap the controller to their liking, so there should be no reason for anyone to be unhappy with its setup.

Of course, PC/Mac and iOS devices are also supported so you’ll be set if you are in need of one controller to rule them all. Check out a quick hands-on video of the controller below, and keep it tuned to Phandroid and GameFans for more information on its availability, and an impending review. [via GameFans]


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  • ineptone

    Why bother with this controller? It looks way too small to be comfortable, the button ergo looks pretty terrible, and battery life doesn’t really sound that impressive. Just pick up a PS3 DualShock controller for $35 and get the same functionality in a better executed package.

    • aeok18109

      Where the crap did you pick up a dual shock 3 for 35?? Stores let alone craigslist in my area are at LEAST 60. i refuse to pay as much for a controller as i would for a game. Nope. not gonna happen.

      • raneman

        It’s $39 at with free shipping

      • irishrally

        I picked one up at bestbuy last week for 39.99.

      • ineptone

        I found one for about $36 on Amazon and had my local Futureshop price match it so it ended up being roughly $35 plus tax. You just have to being willing to put the leg work in to get the best price.

  • Aslan Bollin

    ouch. at the end of the video the guy says itll be $69.
    F that. You can buy a dual shock 3 controller for almost half that price.

  • DarrenR

    It looks kind of goofy in the picture, and sexy AF in the video. No wonder its $69(which is nuts!)

  • TechGuy22

    so its free ?
    i got 2 ps3 controller. i dont see why i’d pay 69 bucks for that thing

    • No_Nickname90

      Because you already paid $60 for two, technically. LoL!!

      • TechGuy22

        they came with the ps3 for 250. new on ebay.

    • cyrylthewolf

      Consider that some of us would much rather have something with a much smaller profile on-the-go.

      The PS3 controller may not be as bulky as the Xbox 360 controller… But it’s still large enough and has two analog sticks that stick out. My backpack is already taxed for space. This little thing would fit much better.

      See how that works?

  • Nick_Lopez_Loya


  • No_Nickname90

    Sorry, I’m in the PS3 Controller bandwagon. I don’t see why these controllers are coming out costing so much. A consumer can easily pick up a PS3 controller, but then that requires root and some users don’t want to root. Hmm… I see…

    • Aslan Bollin

      root isnt needed to use a ps3 controller on Android. just need to connect ghru usb or download sixaxis controller from playstore and change your controllers bluetooth address from a pc.

      • No_Nickname90

        Really? Did they change it? Because SixAxis always ask for Root every time I use it. Hmm… must be something I don’t know. LoL!!

        • Aslan Bollin

          my apologises, it appears root is needed to use sixaxis controller to sync over bluetooth.

        • cyrylthewolf

          So root and be done with it, man. Rooting is easy and opens up a world of new apps for you.

          Then you’ll be straight. :)

          • No_Nickname90

            I am rooted. I was asking what that other person was saying when they said SixAxis didn’t need root. LoL!! But apparently with USB SixAxus doesn’t need root.

  • DroidMote

    Good, but with DroidMote you can also play with all touch games, is full customizable and cost only 2 $ for Android
    Linux and Windows are free

  • BloodMyst

    So glad I have my xperia play. Been playing Bards Tale. Awesome game. And Modern Combat 3. Still though if you don’t have this phone. The steel series or ps3 are great alternatives. Just more stuff to carry around.

  • bitbank

    Got mine yesterday. Added support to my SmartGear multi-system emulator without any problems. The controller is quite good except for the d-pad. It’s only 4-way and at times “mis-fires” depending on your finger pressure (e.g. goes up when you want to go right). The analog nubs are better for controlling direction. The size is perfect and the bluetooth connectivity is excellent.