Google Play Is Now Live On Twitter – Wants To Bring You Special Promos, Updates and Exclusive Content

The Google Play Store is looking to invade your Twitter feed, with their all new Twitter account alive and self-aware. The newly opened Twitter account wants to bring tweet-oholics special deals, updates, and exclusive content from the Google Play Store.

It’s still too early to say if the Twitter account will offer anything different from their email newsletter (an option checked by default when you first sign into your Android device). Still, for those wanting to stay extra up-to-date on all that Google Play has to offer, hit the link below and give ’em a follow.

[Google Play Twitter]

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  • tim bennett

    Pshaw…not even verified…;)

  • mikedo2007

    Already following on Twitter, about time.

  • wickets

    thanks for the tip… would be nice if you could limit the tweets by category

  • Michael Thompson

    Oohh marketing portal.