Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Verizon Galaxy Nexus now available

For those not interested in rooting their Verizon Galaxy Nexus and unlocking their bootloaders, Verizon may finally be delivering the treat we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve gotten a few reports in our inbox that an OTA update for build JR003O — Jelly Bean, for those not in the know.

It could be a staggered rollout so some users would have to find a way to force the server to push the file or download the signed ROM file and flash it themselves. But this is not a test, a mistake, or a dream — this is really happening, and we couldn’t be any more relieved. Verizon took longer than we’d expected to bring this update out.

Despite it being a Nexus device they control the development, testing, and rollout. It almost didn’t feel like a Nexus device with how long we had to wait, but despite the time that elapsed from when Jelly Bean was announced until now the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is still one of the first Android phones to receive Android 4.1.

Prepare to enjoy all the great new features Google’s cooked up, including Google Now, expanded notifications, Project Butter, and more. Check for the update in your settings menu, and be sure to have your WiFi radio on before you do — we’re hearing this one will only initiate if you’re connected to WiFi. [, Verizon, Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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  • phinn

    Nice work Google/Verizon, a little late but not too bad.

    The 4th-gen Nexus this winter will most likely be my next phone, looking forward to owning the real Android phone not this unsupported garbage.

    Here is to hoping Google finally sells the next Nexus on their Play Store for Verizon as well.

    • bmg314

      Im still going to predict that vzw doesn’t get in on the next nexus.

      • phinn

        If that’s the case I’ll be FURIOUS, and I predict I will then get an iPhone 5.

        • JMcGee

          Don’t punish yourself for someone else’s bad decisions.

        • rageboardr

          That’s just silly. IOS6 isn’t even on par with ICS. Just pick up the GS3 and you’ll still be ahead of the Apple curve.

          • Steve Michael

            Having both phones I can say without a doubt that you are dead wrong. I am a fan of both Android and iOS, and can say that iOS has significantly more polish that Android, not that Android sucks.

          • rageboardr

            Polish maybe, but not features or options. How about NFC? Auto-correct? Widgets? And speaking of polish how about those new apple maps? It is much easier to polish a scooter than a Harley because there is less to work on.I suppose it just depends on what you want from a device. I like not being limited.

        • Pnutt916

          Boooo that comment!

        • wickets

          The iphone on vzw is useless too,,,,voice and data at the same time is not possible: you might as well transport yourself back to the the days of smoke signals

          • Thunder18

            Not apologizing for Apple, but come on, that doesn’t make the phone useless, LOL.

  • Nicholas Snowdeal

    About fricken time! But I’m rooted.

  • Joshua Naylor

    That’s okay – I rooted and put Jelly Bean on back in early August. Too little, too late Verizon. And now I have free native tethering too!

  • DanWazz

    “Yay!” said I, a month and a half ago when I rooted and flashed my first JB ROM.

    • Edward Crosby

      Me too.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    lol Nexus my ass.

    • phinn

      Even though it’s a little late to the party, there are still no non-Nexus phones with an official Jelly Bean release that I know of.

      • Daniel Tiberius

        This is true, but Verizon still royally messed up.

  • bob

    My first download/install failed. Now I’m trying to force it down and can’t grab it again. I’ve tried framework wiping probably a hundred times. This is not cool!

    • Andrew

      You may have a corrupted recovery image. Had a similar experience when VZW released 4.0.4. Install wouldn’t stick. Ended being a bad recovery image. Ended up unlocking mine, install 4.0.4 manually from, then re-locking. Of jelly bean described here last night after doing the framework trick a few times.

  • Jayrock

    Hmm…i`ve had MiUI (jelly bean edition) and slim rom (jelly bean edition), not to mention the first JB rom that leaked back at google IO….I cant with verizon.

  • tortoiseontour

    connected to wifi and pounding the “check now” button. nothing so far. the torment… oh, and apparently the last time i checked for an update the internet hadn’t been invented yet:

  • nick

    Such great news

  • prohunter

    Wooow about time

  • jay9242000

    Please re-phrase that “now the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is still one of the first Android phones to receive Android 4.1″
    Sprint GNex had jelly way before suck ass Verizon .

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      The statement is still accurate. I never said it was first.

    • joe

      Why would he rephrase it? “now the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is still

      one of
      the first phones to receive Android 4.1″ end of story…

    • malcmilli

      didnt sprint just get it like last week?

  • matthewcruce

    bout time Verizon gave there custo’s jelly bean always late and the service isn’t great that’s why I said goodbye Verizon when I had the xperi play

  • ari_free

    Android fans are begging for the latest updates. ios fans are begging that they should NOT get the latest updates.

    • phinn

      True, and the solution is the Nexus.

    • Adam Truelove

      And when they do, their phone is still outdated.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Mine had JB the day after it was announced. I’ve since moved onto my nice new non developer edition S3. suck it Verizon.

  • Michael O’Connell

    Did this fix the connectivity issue with the refurbished phones?

  • Kasey Kaplan

    Is there a way to force the update?

    • violator702

      Settings~apps~all~Google services framework~force stop~clear data
      Settings~about phone~system updates

    • KingOliver

      go to systems > apps>Google services framework > clear cache > clear data> force stop.

  • Adam Truelove

    The screenshot in this post is of ICS.

    • Marvin Tejada

      Probably cause the ics search bar is lot cleaner looking.

      • Adam Truelove

        Um, what? Regardless of your opinion, this screenshot is still incorrect in relation to this article about JB.

  • Matthew Thon

    Mines available!! Must .. find… free ..wifi!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

  • bob

    Well… I gotta say I didn’t expect to regret updating. My camera is completely broken now. glitches out won’t focus and doesn’t take the pictures when I push the button. camera is one of my most used features and this is incredibly frustrating.

  • NorthVandea

    Did anyone actually get this update yet??? I’ve been on WiFi and mashing the check now button with no effect. (Even tried the Force Stop/Clear Data trick with Google Services Framework)

    • jwthrush

      It took me 3-4 tries of the Framework trick to get it to come down. I know with the 4.0.4 update I had to do it 10-15 times before I got it.

      • Jeff Dennis

        I was wondering why it didn’t work the first few time. I think it took me 10 tries as well

  • Alu Zeros

    Maybe in another year verizon might finally catch up to the next android, here’s to crossing your fingers

  • jerry Joe johnson

    Thanks Verizon… Better last than never.

  • oneillperson

    Oh man! If this is how Verizon treats a NEXUS phone, then…

  • Corey0928

    Still don’t have it. Doesn’t show up when I check for updates either

  • duckstyle187

    alright what’s the trick. last time it disabling/ deleting data from Google framework….but I’ve tried that around thirty times. any ideas?

  • prohunter

    Do I have to unroot to download this?

  • jfelts

    No update here. Tried the clear data trick multiple times and I am on wifi.

  • Dayveetoe

    Verizon you sent out the update on the day the iPhone5 is released, I sort of forgive you now.

  • bughomie80

    jelly bean is up and running

  • jfelts

    Is everyone that is getting the update perhaps NOT on build IMM76Q?

    • NorthVandea

      I’m not on Q. To my knowledge Verizon never release Q. K is the latest official release (prior to jelly bean of course)

      • jfelts

        I got my phone a month ago at Best Buy and never made any modifications. It has to be a legit build that was released.

  • suyoungman

    still no update in la

  • Okaythen

    I don’t know if this is a coincidence, but after powering the phone off and swapping batteries, the framework trick worked on the first try. This was done after I tried the framework trick dozens of times. Running JB as I type, and so far, it is much smoother, but time will tell.

  • tderden

    Not yet in upstate NY. Tried the Google services force stop trick with no luck. Been on wifi all day. Rebooted multiple times. Why can’t they make it available on the nexus support page?

  • Greg

    Q exists, it came loaded on ours when we bought them in August. Maybe it is first come, first served?

  • Kazuo

    Don’t Force Close the Google Service Framework after clearing the data. I just did it and it worked

  • Liz Kerry

    Try this to force update.

    Requirements :Fully stock Galaxy Nexus deviceWifi Connection to download the software updateThe Following steps to be Followed :Go into Setting -> Apps -> All -> Google Services FrameworkYou will see a button for “Clear Data”; clear it.Go into your dialer and type *#*#2432546#*#* – This will cause a ‘force checkin’. You will notice that it shows “checkin succeeded” across the top.Go back to Setting -> About Phone -> System updates and then click the check now button.

    • jfelts

      Dialing those #’s is nothing different than hitting check now under system update.

    • Josh Carroll

      Thank you

  • Toby_1

    Just downloaded and installed. The update said that the wifi update was only until Oct 2

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    in the immortal words of Clark W. Griswold: Hallelujah… holy shi+!

  • jfelts

    So has anyone on build IMM76Q been able to get Jelly Bean or is this only for IMM76K builds?

  • jkemp

    I tried Liz Kerry way and it worked first time. Thanks.

  • Shannon

    I have a phone with the Imm76Q build since my phone is from Best Buy. While a great phone when on CDMA only on CDMA/LTE it NEVER held a 4g signal for longer than a few minutes. Was interested in trying the Google Framework Services trick but didn’t want to risk screwing my Google related apps up. So I just kept checking system updates and amazingly yesterday morning my phone updated to Jelly bean when I checked. Phone is so lovable now since it can hold a 4g signal without dropping! Love Google Now too!

    • jfelts

      Awesome thanks for the update. I have IMM76Q and have yet to get the update. I was a little worried that this build wouldn’t get it for awhile.

  • Paul Carson

    Just forced the update on my Nexus and on the download screen it said that it was only on wifi until Oct 3 vice Oct 1st like I’ve read on many articles. (btw took about 10 Google Framework data clears to get the update)

  • johnny989

    Got my this morning at 4 am. I tried the framework trick a bunch of times on Friday and Saturday with no luck. Area also has nothing to do with it. Be patient… it will come.

    • Kasey Kaplan

      How is the order determined for what devices it roles out to?

      • johnny989

        My guess is either through IP addresses, mac addresses, or ESN #’s. They release the update in batches purposely. You do have to be on wifi though, that’s for certain. Originally I guess it said that it’s wifi only until oct 1st, but mine said wifi only until oct 3rd. Leave it on wifi before going to sleep each night and when you wake up don’t even try the framework thing… just hit check for update. After many tries failed framework “trick” method, I woke up at 4am to go to the bathroom and didn’t even try to framework thing again, i just hit check for update and it started downloading automatically.

  • Aer23

    I kept hearing that 4.1 took out universal search. But when i use the search bar i can still search contacts and music along with the web. Am I confusing what universal search does?

  • John Sahl

    I’ve been pounding on they “Update” button for the past couple of days – nuthin’
    Anyone else have luck?

    UPDATE: The Force Stop/Clear Data trick on Google Services worked.

  • Michael Kersten

    Got the new update this morning. Battery was at a full charge. Here it is half way through the day. extended battery bought two weeks ago, DEAD! and on charger again. No GPS on, No Wi-Fi. This is worse that it was on the prev OS. Thought new OS was suposed to help signal and battery life. I hate this phone. I want my DROID X back.

  • Monkey$$

    People Good news and Bad news. Bad news first: All the Placebo methods are not true. Good News: well not really.
    I tried updating my device using the google framework and everything else over 100 times. Didn’t work, but i finally put some logic and it did in a heart beat. After you clear the framework if you go hit the “Check now” it checks to NULL. So here are the steps:
    WI-FI ON>Mobile Data OFF> Google Framework services> Clear Data> Force Stop> [NOW COMES THE IMPORTANT PART] WAIT!>After there is more DATA populating and CLEAR DATA lights up (about 1-2 minutes)again go to System Updates and VIOLA!!!
    Please please please make sure you wait on the Google Framework services screen after you Clear Data and Force Stop. If not it will not work. Goodluck and Jelly!

    • Eric

      You are perfect for this!!!