Vellamo Transforms Into Full Benchmarking Suite In Latest Update


When it comes to Android users, there’s a whole lotta benchmarking junkies out there who love to pit the “performance” of their device against others via the many benchmarking apps available. Today, Qualcomm’s in-house benchmarking application, Vellamo, has just been up dated in the Play Store and it brings with a more robust and complete set of benchmarks for users to test. No longer just a web browsing benchmark, Vellamo now features all new system-level benchmarks testing everything from CPU performance, to networking capabilities via simulated 3G/4G/WiFi, HTLM5, and of course, web browsing.

I’ve said it before, benchmarks are never a real-world interpretation of the speed an end user will experience with any device — but gosh damn they’re sure fun to run, aren’t they? Watch Qualcomm talk all about the new features of their app in their newly uploaded YouTube video below.

[Play Store Link]

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