Netflix for Android users seeing new user interface?

Some people are claiming to see new user interfaces in their Netflix for Android applications despite Netflix not having an update in the Google Play Store. That would, of course, be explained by the fact that Netflix likely uses an HTML5 webview for its main content pane, a setup that would allow them to update several UI and functionality elements without having to submit an update to the Google Play Store.

The new interface apparently delivers a side-scrolling experience not unlike what we’ve seen on tablets, the desktop, and other devices. It has a darker look and feel, and new options to single-tap a movie/show card to show info on it or double-tap a card to play are present. Even on a fresh download of Netflix I was presented with the old user interface, but enough users are reporting the changes that this just might be true. Let us know in the comments if things look a litle bit different from you. [Droid-LifeGoogle Play Store]

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  • Matt S

    I got the new interface. I personally preferred the old one, maybe because I was use to it. But yeah, definitely different.

  • Danny

    I got it a few hours ago on my jelly been leak powered s3, I thought there had been a fault with the app thinking my device was a tablet. But I hope they do update it to this look as the old android cup cake style phone ui was getting exceptionally dated. But after closing the app and reopening it, the ui reverted back to the old phone one and I can’t get it back :(

  • Nathan Mitchell

    I have it. It’s nicer. The top buttons are all pixelated though.

  • Matt S

    OK, scratch that.. it actually changed back. I HAD the new interface last night.

  • Elias Lugo

    Yep ! Different UI over here. It caught me off guard. I am very pleased !

  • Bear

    Just checked and i have it here too. Looks prettier and a lot nicer compared to the other version

  • Ben Baranovsky

    Took them long enough. If I had to choose one Android application that sucks to use the most, it would be Netflix. Yes, it’s worse than Facebook.

  • Adria Nicole

    I’ve got it… Looks great! Very happy to have a scrollable queue on the home screen.

  • fussguest

    Still doesn’t have landscape rotate though. And now with the larger pictures & horizontal scroll for lists, you see fewer things at once, making the desire to rotate the screen even greater.
    Looks nice and bright though.

  • Casey J. Peter

    Yep, new interface here as well.

  • Jonbo298

    I have it too on my GS3. Much needed overhaul with the now old UI really showing it’s age on phones with much higher resolutions.

  • MK2

    I got it last night, it’s pretty, and user friendly. Still slow as balls though, and it’s not my phone or connection (VZ GNX)

  • brad lanphere

    I also have the new interface now on my EVO 4g LTE…just checked after reading this post and I as well have it

  • nsnsmj

    I had it this morning, but as soon as I left the app and came back to it, the new UI changed back to the old one.

  • John Robert

    Yeah I got the new interface as well. Yay for new things!

  • ari_free

    Stick to the Holo guidelines, please. This isn’t ios with leather trim and denim everywhere.

  • Phillip Courtright

    Finally something I would call an interface. Much better than the crappy
    old one. Now to drive my parents nuts by seeing how much data I can
    suck up until the bill gets really high.

  • Carlos

    New interface showing on mine!

    On a Droid Bionic w/ .232 ICS if it helps anyone….

  • Moosejaw

    Yes, got it now. Oh yes, I like this much better. Way to go Netflix.

  • James Green

    I received the update, so much better

  • Marc Barbieri

    I’ve gotten the tablet interface on my Galaxy Note on and off since I bought it several months ago. I’m not sure what caused it to change back and forth between the phone and tablet interfaces but it seems to be stuck on the tablet interface now which is a good thing.

  • MrSpoiler15

    Already ditched Netflix. Screwing over customers and and over again. Plus they rarely add anything interesting/new.

  • UniBroW

    still sucks on Asus Infinity

  • KingOliver

    not on my stock vzw gnex.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Believe it or not but i had that interface for about a week or so back in February on my HTC Desire HD,

  • Tim Thompson

    yep, me too
    looks good

  • rageboardr

    That’s cool and all, but i would prefer it if i could just watch movies in HD on my S3. How about focusing on that instead of playing with the interface. Last i heard the only device that can use HD Netflix is the Razr which isn’t even in HD. How’s that for logic?

  • Rajeev Bhatta

    I see the interface too.. this is nice interface similar to the tablet though

  • sabret00the

    I’ve been considering a Netflix account but URGHHH that’s not Android, that’s clearly iOS and it’s ugly.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Really dig their instant streaming — i ditched their dvd’s awhile back and don’t miss it. Instant has a ton of stuff for me… auto updates what I’ve seen / where I left off between my pc, tablet and phone – nice !!

  • Terry Bradshaw

    I checked this morning, and I had the new interface on my original Droid Inc. It was very smooth, and actually offered scrolling in 2 directions at a time, something I haven’t seen on very many other android apps. However, when I check Netflix again at lunch it’s back to the old interface. Boo!