LG Otpimus G said to be primed for US launch

We had little doubt that LG would be launching its next flagship phone in the United States, but it’s always nice to hear a bit more confirmation. According to The Verge LG has reportedly confirmed the arrival of the LG Optimus G in the United States sometime down the line. In LG’s re-unveiling they mentioned it’d be available in most markets starting in October. It’s tough to say whether or not that includes the US since we tend to get LG goods late, but it’s worth noting anyway.

The Optimus G is a 4.7 inch HD device with a 1.5GHz quad-core S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a whopping 13 megapixel HD camera, and more. We’d say a lot of people will be giving LG a second look after their brief setback in the smartphone game, though it’ll take a lot of “right” to reverse the “wrong” still in many people’s heads.

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  • Marsg

    The biggest concern from what i have hear is their lack of updating device’s

    • Canon User

      I can’t says I care about updates, since I don’t ever take OTAs anyway. But it needs to be solid hardware, not too hard for devs to support, etc.

      It looks great on paper. LG has always had problems in execution.

    • Thunder18

      Just see some of the comments above about Samsung’s Behold 2 and the original SGS. The Behold 2 was promised to get Android 2.0 when it was introduced with 1.5. Guess what it ended up with? Android 1.6. The original Galaxy S was plagued with GPS issues and that was never addressed. But look at Samsung now. SGS 2 sold in the realm of 20 million phones and the SGS 3 is expected to do well more than that. How quickly we forget past misdeeds when a company puts out shiny hardware with a winning spec sheet. That being said, My Epic 4G touch started on Froyo and has an ICS update out for it presently and it appears JB will be coming in a few months so if one company can change, chances are others can too.

  • ljbad4life

    Frankly android buyers are fickle and will jump on the latest band wagon. If this Optimus G is solid and performs well people will be all over it. Remember at one point samsung was the bastard of the android world, now they are beloved. HTC was beloved 2 years ago, now they have quickly fallen from the top (look at the One series sales). This is the turning point for LG. I have never bought an androidLG before, but this could be the first!

    • simpleas

      Working next to Samsung (literally) they better learn a thing or two from Sammy ^_^

      • ari_free

        Lots of people said “never again Samsung!” after the Behold 2 and SGS’ gps issues.

        • Guest

          yes, and im one of them GS1 owners lol. I swear the GPS on this phone is utter crap. I wasted hours in total gettin lost, losing gps signal, taking the wrong off ramp.. etc.. But i still love Sammy and will be gettin the note 2 soon ^_^ I wouldn’t dare use ios for my phone.. very inconvenient if you’re used to android. ios can stay home with my ipad3

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamille-Browne/1184321457 Jamille Browne

      I’m sorry Android buyers are not of iCult status buying the same phone for 3 years and counting. who wouldn’t want the best tech on the market? Yea HTC was beloved and has fallen people still love them, I do but they aren’t the best devices any more, Samsung now releases the best tech for an android device is why they are now beloved as opposed to the behold 2 and intro to galaxy S days they improved. This would be a turning point for LG if they 1.) make it widely available on all carriers 2.) If there are very minimal close to zero issues 3.) If they can market it well. I never bought the G2X but that was a good entry into “high end” android. Though it seems as though they are copying Samsung A LOT of the time but this is different this is nice.

      • Thunder18

        From what I understand, the G2X is LG’s Behold 2. I think they’d rather not remember it. It seems everytime I see an Optimus G story, there are just as many commentators voicing their hate of the G2X that was nothing but problems. Still, that being said, Samsung had the Behold 2 and the original Galaxy S as lessons in how to not provide necessary software upgrades to phones already out in the field and they appear to have changed their tune. Hopefully, the Optimus G can be LG’s Galaxy S 2. Essentially their come-back kid. LG used to be so innovative when it came to premium feature phones and on paper, this phone appears to signal they are tired of sitting on the sidelines. They want some of what Samsungs got! More power to them. I’m darn near salivating over this device!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamille-Browne/1184321457 Jamille Browne

          I don’t understand the hate for the G2X it was a stock Android device and has a good rom community, any issues can be solved with custom roming. as far as what I understand is the lag, so LG needs to optimize the platform better

      • ljbad4life

        HTC One X matches the SG3 in almost every category, falls short (ram, sd card) on some and exceeds (screen, build quality) in others. The sales for the one series doesn’t even compare to the SG3. I would also add to the list of no carrier customization (other than the radio or maybe color). Keep the body standard so accessory makers can produce, people love to buy the extras

    • Pnutt916

      Android people jump to the company that has their sh*t together that given year! just because you were hot one year doesn’t mean you’ll be the best next year!

    • ari_free

      Everyone has a chance to be a winner if they innovate and give people what they want. I’m still waiting for a 64 gig phone with SD slot so I still can’t call this the ‘perfect phone.’

  • markgbe

    i’ll never buy a non-nexus device again. sorry LG, as much as i like your stuff. Updates are very important to me.

    • Blkegk

      That’s what roms are for.

      • a) youth.in.asia

        ROMs are only as good as the dev. And the dev community is only as good as the phone is…

      • Donny johnson

        Roms are only as good as the drivers the Company supplies for the device. My g2x is a good phone with great support by the roming community because LG has failed there 1 year old Phone. They expect us to buy a new phone every year to stay up to date with the newest technology, sounds like an apple move to me. IPhone 4 could not get seri because you needed 4s. I Will not ever by LG again and every chance I get I will comment on the terrible job that had been done. To hell with LG

    • TBN27

      What if LG is chosen to make the next Nexus device?

      • markgbe

        That would make me a happy man. I love lg products in general

  • Oldskool76

    Lol…optimus primed……did ya see what he did there…..

  • soc13kid

    FYI Title says Otpimus, s/b Optimus… typo.


    Until LG shows that they’ll support their phones in the U.S. after the sale w/timely firmware/software updates, I’ll pass.

    One needs to look no further than the T-MOBILE G2X, which only recently received an update from GINGERBREAD 2.3.3 to 2.3.4

    • Thunder18

      Samsung Behold 2 was promised Android 2.0 when it was introduced with 1.5. Guess how far it got? Android 1.6. Things happen. Doesn’t make it right, but it took Samsung several generations to get thing right. Even the origins Galaxy S had tardy updates and the GPS still never worked right. GS2 was mostly ok going from Gingerbread to ICS and JB is expected. Still, the Behold 2 and GS 1 don’t appear to have slowed Samsung’s roll.

      • ari_free

        And I remember when MacOSX was janky and slow as molasses.

  • ben7337

    non removable battery with only 22xx mah capacity is a bit depressing on this phone. Plus an LCD screen without a standard 16:9 aspect ratio means ugly lit black bars on the sides for all media. Only amoled can handle non native aspect ratios with nearly invisible black bars, but samsung is smart enough to make its amoled screens all 16:9, but it only supplies motorola and itself with them.

    • http://twitter.com/KoryJS Kory Salsbury

      Watch the Youtube Videos that LG has posted about the phone. The screen and battery come with special Optimus-ations that should address some of your concerns.

  • ntegrit

    Helluva set of specs…

  • a) youth.in.asia

    This will be released on Boost Mobile or Cricket or MetroPCS or maybe virgin mobile. Then the people will eat up some LG

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Another reason to steer clear of LG is because many of their phones still come with a stripped down bluetooth stack which makes using GAME CONTROLLERS impossible without a custom ROM (which, in turn, requires an unlocked bootloader and user initiative to install)

  • ruit

    This phone looks bad ass people complaining about the 2200 mah battery are crazy that should easily last you through the day my one x with an 1800mah battery lasts all day and if you do need more you can buy a case with a built in battery to extend it.

  • hemipw54

    LG=Loser Gadget
    Don’t be fooled by LG, you’ll be sorry.