Jelly Bean adoption grew by 1,500% in first two months, outpaced previous Android versions

While a 1.47 percent market share at the end of August doesn’t seem like much for the latest version of Android, a closer look at the numbers reveals that Jelly Bean has been one of the most quickly adopted versions in the history of Google’s mobile OS. According to research gathered by mobile ad network Chitika, traffic from Jelly bean device grew at a rate of 1,500 percent in the two months following its initial launch.

In comparison, it took the previous Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich, to achieve a similar overall market share of 1.54 percent, an indication that Google and its manufacturing partners have done a better job of updating older devices to Jelly Bean or, perhaps more likely, the success of the Nexus 7 tablet, which ships with Android 4.1 on board.

In terms of the bigger picture, the majority of Android devices still operate on the 2.0 framework, with over 50 percent running Android Gingerbread. In an ideal world, current device models would be quickly updated to the latest OS build, but the problem dubbed fragmentation, or the existence of dozens upon dozens of differently specced phones with unique hardware running on a multitude of carrier networks, has created more than its share of stumbling blocks.

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  • David Cramblett

    Kevin – come on. I am the guy in the office everyone ridicules for terrible spelling, grammar and typos. However, you make me look like an English professor. Do you really believe the 2nd paragraph is a complete sentence in it’s entirety? I believe you are also missing the period of time of which it took ICS – three months.

    • Jason Farrell

      Useless post is useless.

      • David Cramblett

        I realize this. Been reading here long enough to know such and expect many down votes. However, it’s still painful to read. I hope they invest in some writing lessons for Kevin some day when they are tired of hearing us complainers whine.

    • wrceuro

      You are a dumb ass. Who cares about spelling. Jason I agree with you.

      • David Cramblett

        Spelling is not the issue, coherent sentences are.

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          I agree with you, but to a point. This is not an English Literacy fan site, it’s an Android fan site. I like these guys here at Phandroid cause they are down to earth.

          • David Cramblett

            I like these guys too (huge fan of Chris) and have nothing personal against Kevin. As you can see I am not threatening to stop reading, because I know I will still come read regardless (and I know that threat is pointless). I have been a loyal reader for several years and will continue to be a loyal reader. I would just like to see Kevin make an attempt to improve. I think a simple proofreading would go a long way. A lot of times I can make since of what he has written. This time, and a lot of times, it’s really difficult to get the information I am looking for from the post.

    • Brandon V. Fletcher

      I agree, that paragraph/sentence was terrible. I guess they have no editors. I see people complain alot

    • Robabobbob

      What might be nice here is to have two comment sections below phandroid posts, one for people commenting on the content of the posts and the other for the grammar police who enjoy spending their time proof reading said posts.

  • Jason Farrell

    It’s the butter.

    Everyone wants the new buttery-smooth UI feature.
    (GoogleNow and offline voicerec are nice too, but, butter is #1)

    • james ortiz

      yes but butter gets you fat

      • JMcGee

        False. Butter is very good for you. It is sugar and grains that get you fat.

  • treypoundz

    Or the fact that jellybean is the only version to not.get sued on

  • Ryan Stewart

    Hopefully this points to a great increase in the number of Nexus devices. Since the previous Nexii were only a single carrier and not advertised it meant that nobody cared. But now that the Nexii are available hopefully more people buy them to drive the manufactures to all offer a more “vanilla” phone that is more up to date and has more options (and less bloat).

    Its the best of both worlds, the integrated feel of the iPhone with the power and flexibility of Android.

  • Chris

    Another interesting statistic: in the past three months Jelly Bean adoption grew by INFINITY percent!

  • Jeff432

    Is this writer still in elementary school? The grammar is horrible.


    This is thanks to the Galaxy S3 being a successful sell, having the latest software, oh wait……

  • David Pat

    What has JB other than the Nexus devices?

  • C-Law

    I don’t understand the point of this study. It seems pointless bc isn’t it really mostly only including romming fan boys like us and not actual manufacturers? . Which phones and tablets other than nexus devices are even running jb? Isn’t it mostly just people like us who root and rom? I can’t think of anything running jb other than nexus devices and the xoom. What am I missing?

    • Jwhap

      It would prove people are more apt to update themselves and not wait for carriers!

  • Jshaffer22

    Oh my god, who cares about how well the paragraph is written? It’s the Internet, get over it.

    • ilh

      Well considering that it means nothing as it is written, I would hazard a guess that everyone that reads it cares. Just what did it take ICS to reach that market share?

  • zadillo

    I’d still like to see an explanation from Samsung for why they won’t update my Droid Charge, leaving it stuck on Gingerbread.

  • HunterOrHunted

    I have no idea what calculation you guys are doing, but if jelly bean
    grew over 1,500%, that would mean the last percentage would be
    multiplied by 15. The last I checked, .87%*15 does NOT equal 1.47% of
    android install base. If my math will degrade this much after college, I
    weep for the future. Computers, physics, biology, chemistry; the whole
    world is based on math.

    By the way, the correct percentage of jelly bean growth is roughly
    169%. Take the current percentage divided by the previous percentage and
    multiply by 100. I.e. 1.47% / .87% * 100 = 169%. Checking work, we can
    use the percentage (divided by 100) and multiply it by the last month’s
    numbers to get the current month’s numbers. Let’s try, shall we?
    1.69*.87% = 1.47%! Very good!

    This is middle school math, guys. I’d personally love to see how
    you’d do on “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” after reading this.
    Before you report something this momentous, have some random high school
    kid (like me) or college kid check your numbers. Chances are, you’re
    1,500% likely to have made a mistake.