HTC offering up to $300 if you ‘trade up’ to one of their phones

HTC has a few new phone’s on the horizon, and they are hoping to provide an incentive for smartphone shoppers to consider one (or any of their current handsets on the market) as their next purchase. The Taiwanese manufacturer is offering up to $300 in “trade up” value for customers purchasing a new HTC smartphone.

The catch is that, unlike other trade-in programs, you can only claim the value of your phone¬†after purchasing an HTC device. You won’t be able to use the money directly towards the purchase of that phone. Still, HTC has provided a nice online source for getting a quote for your current phone, which should make it easier to bite the bullet up front before sending off your old handset. For instance, HTC is offering $150 dollars for a fully-functional Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx from Verizon.

It may be an avenue worth exploring if you are considering a new smartphone purchase. Head over to HTC’s site to see how much your current device is worth.

[via DroidLife]

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  • DarrenR

    Samsung offered $10 more for my HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T.

  • elstupido

    Pretty sad they value their competitors flagship phone for almost twice as much as their One X flagship. HTC One X=$175, Samsung Galaxy S III AT&T 16GB=$300 or 32GB=$325. Anyone selling either devices for that price is a moron, but the idea HTC sees their phone worth about half of a Galaxy S III is hilarious.

    • bob

      They’re trying to convert people to HTC. Makes perfect sense if you think about it.

      • elstupido

        It is working… I am going to go with Note II next month. I was hoping for HTC’s new 5″ phablet, but this along with probably no sd on the HTC phablet is enough to sway me back to Samsung. I got Samsung’d by HTC heh heh :-)

      • Mike Reid

        SEEMS to make sense, but I think it’s just simple economics.

        I’m sure HTC resells the phones to companie(s) that resell them on EBay or wherever.

        And these prices are “blue book” prices representing average EBay prices, minus costs of business and profit margins.

        Car dealers do the same thing with trade-ins. They couldn’t care less what brand you’re buying or trading, all that matters are the prices and profits.

        New GS3’s cost more than new OneX’s, and same for used. The market “speaks”.

  • bob

    LOL!!! $100 for a Gnex? ya good luck with that HTC.

    • bmg314

      They said 170 for my Galaxy Nexus. Still no sale.

    • Mike Donatello

      $85 for a bionic. My mom would give me more than that.

      • bmg314

        That’s cuz she loves you. HTC doesn’t. O.o

  • Mike

    Checked to see what they’d give me for my HTC Thunderbolt. They value their product at $40. I’m done with HTC. Going for the Note 2 when eligible in a couple months.

  • SuperChunk

    All they need to do is dump sense. Sell vanilla android with some unique widgets or similar and leave the rest alone. Better ui and faster / easier upgrades. Instant sale.

    • turfgrass64

      I would rather see LG do this, the have great hardware but software, updates, support, meh?

  • TechGuy22

    lmfao. htc offered me 100 dollars for my senstion are they crazy ?
    gonna post it on ebay for 260

    • bmg314

      You should get it…I got 300 for my Sensation on Ebay back when the Galaxy Nexus first came out in the Play store.

  • ArmageddonX

    A whole $50 for my perfectly conditioned Evo 3D lol… Glad to know what they value their one year old devices at.

  • Aaron Soles

    I miss sense. But I’d rather keep my galaxy s3 then have one that doesn’t have a removable battery.

  • bos

    I see nothing compelling in HTC’s lineup and a $15 bribe certainly isn’t going to change my mind.

  • tim bennett

    LOL, my LG G2x is only valued at $65. I think it’s worth more than that (even though maybe not that much more.)

  • Jason darnall

    Heh they will give me 75 for my incredible 2 or 125 for my iphone i guess they want the iphones off the street more

    • phinn

      They couldn’t pay me to own another HTC phone. The Inc2 is so poorly supported it’s still officially on Gingerbread.

      Meanwhile Aeroevan’s 09-05 CM9 build is pretty awesome on it, yet HTC can’t support their own product.

      • Duong Duc Ngo

        Are you still at it again? How dumb can you be? Verizon is the reason that the Inc2 still have the got gotten ICS.

  • ren

    No thank you. I’ll rather use eBay.

  • Marsg

    170 bucks for my Galaxy Nexus LTE >.> ye not gonna happen

  • Souksavanh Nomichith

    $25 FOR MY G2

    • bmg314

      G2 is an old phone, but man, they should offer you $200 just for the underrated coolness factor.

      • abuus69

        what a joke…craiglist that OG badboy recently for 160!

  • guitarist5122

    Another OEM trying to rip us off with a trade in. Even if you get back close to what you paid, you most likely are even close to being due for an upgrade and will be paying a pretty penny.

  • seanbuck83

    $125 for my att galaxy s2… kick rocks htc!

    • LawrenceMcatee

      Implying the s2 was ever worth a sh!t… shiggy diggy

      • seanbuck83

        maybe not the skyrocket but the original is att’s best phone of 2011

        • LawrenceMcatee

          it wasn’t lte… We had three lte devices launch that year.

      • seanbuck83

        and they all sucked

        • LawrenceMcatee

          I rocked the vivid hard. and I loved that phone, Plus it didn’t feel like it was made out of recylced happy meal toys!

        • seanbuck83

          hahahaha now that’s funny

  • NardVa

    HTC phones are not worth anything.

  • Jerry

    $35 for my original dinc. No sale but would be willing to pay an extra $35 to have a stock phone from HTC.

  • 2dott0

    FOH! $170 for my (in perfect condition) GNex. Just wanted to see what they would offer but now I want my 20 seconds back.

  • turfgrass64

    I’m all in, just release a flagship device on Verizon!

  • Pistachio

    Sprint bought my old OG Evo for like 65 bucks when I traded up to the LTEvo. This site said $20 lol. BUT, that was back in May on the LTEvo’s release day, so the price could have dropped in those few months.

  • Edward DeRuiter

    $25 for my T-Mobile G2, made by HTC. Way to reward brand loyalty, not to mention have faith in your product HTC.

    • abuus69

      just recently craiglist/sold my g2 for 160…htc can s_ck it LOL

    • jedifarfy

      Same here. IF I replace mine, it’s hitting ebay, not going back to HTC. Not sure I understand their buy back pricing.

  • supremekizzle

    Hot dog! $15 for my fascinate! Too bad I already bought the Note II. Sorry HTC, maybe next time…

  • Danny

    100 dollars for my Sensation…Nah, 200 Plus on craigslist..

  • Guest

    Yeah not going to happen. I am still waiting for the ability to dump my current HTC phone (thunderbolt) due to it’s poor design, lack of stability and Verizon’s b.s. with ICS. I really wish Android phone manufaturers would just tell Verizon to keep their mitts out of the OS pushes.

  • dweber77

    Yeah not going to happen. I am still waiting for the ability to dump my current HTC phone (thunderbolt) due to it’s poor design, lack of stability and Verizon’s b.s. with ICS. I really wish Android phone manufacturers would just tell Verizon to keep their mitts out of the OS pushes. Then maybe life would be a bit easier for everyone.

  • Aar0nC

    I wonder how much they will give me for this garbage Evo3D…