AT&T releases 4G LTE in Birmingham and Memphis

We’ve just received word from AT&T regarding a couple of southern states getting 4G LTE. Memphis, TN and Birmingham, AL are the latest to the party, and luckily for them they already have some desirable devices to take advantage of the high speed network. Phones like the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X are the cream of the crop on AT&T, and they all have the necessary radios to connect to the great speeds Ma Bell provides. See if you can find that little 4G icon in the upper-right hand corner of your LTE device now.

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  • Degrion Hill


  • GoAndroidForever

    We have AT&T LTE here in Sacramento CA about a week ago, and it’s working great, fast. Didn’t see the announcement, but my GS3 shows LTE signal.

  • JH

    Thats nice, but when the rest of the state has 1G service, i could care less

  • Christopher Todd Smith

    Tested it out this morning in Birmingham, pulled down 23mbps down with a little over 8mbps up. Not too shabby. One note however, on all of the AT&T phones that I have used recently, the icon has been “4G” for “hspa+” service, the new icon is 4G with a little “LTE” below it. Kind of neat to see.