Samsung Releases Jelly Bean Source Code For International Galaxy S3 LTE (i9305)

October is fixin’ to be a big month for Android. We have loads of device releases (and rumored releases), not to mention Samsung announcing that Jelly Bean would be soon making its way over to their Galaxy S3 flagship in the form of an over-the-air update. If you had any doubt Samsung’s software engineers were on top of things, they’ve recently released the kernel source for the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE GT-i9305 (not to be confused with the HSPA+ version). While that may mean little to most of you, those with rooted versions of the quad-core international Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE can look forward to more stable custom ROMs and kernels from the developer community.

What’s more, the Galaxy S3 will launch this month in Singapore, pre-loaded with Jelly Bean right out of the box. When it comes to the US version of the Galaxy S3, which of the “big 4″ carriers will be able to claim firsties to a Jelly Bean rollout remains to be seen, but the race is most certainly on.

[Samsung OSRC | Cnet Asia]

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  • LTame

    Isn’t this for the International LTE Version (i9305)? :|

    • Chris Chavez

      Yea, update the post to make it more clear.

  • prohunter

    Would the international LTE version work on Verizon?

    • Chris Chavez

      Nooooooo no no nononononoooono…

  • Baconator

    Wish they could update all the S3s at the same time. Dang carriers.

  • Johnathan

    Also they just released the US Verizon update tonight. Not jb though

  • troy

    My vzw gbalazyS3 got a ota update today but it wasn’t that. Here’s a link to it." rel="nofollow">

  • DG

    I think T-Mo will be first been running JB leaked ota for a week super fast and amazing battery life

  • tomn1ce

    We all know vzw will be the last one to update their GS3 to JB…Vzw should get their heads out of their @$$ and get with the program in releasing OS update promptly….What kills me the most is that they claim to be doing rigorous test on the OS update and when they release its still buggy… O_o

  • Guest

    As we speak, I’m downloading an 82 MB software update on my S3….is this Jelly Bean?

  • Collin Wilkins

    There’s an 82MB software update available on my S3….installing it now….is this Jelly Bean?