AT&T 4G available in Wilmington and Philadelphia

AT&T has announced it’s just lit up two more markets with their 4G LTE. Folks in Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will get the super fast speeds being delivered to many currently-available 4G LTE devices. Offerings like the Motorola ATRIX HD and the Samsung Galaxy S3 await those who were holding out for LTE coverage, and more are sure to be on the horizon this holiday season. You should see their LTE logo light up in the right corner of your screen so be sure to check at your earliest convenience.

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  • Blatino

    Even tho it’s now official I’ve been getting LTE in Philly on my One X for the past 3 weeks or so. I guess they were just testing it or whatever ..

  • harold

    I live in south jersey right cross the bridge from Wilmington Delaware also notice the lte lite up on my Note this pass week.So far today I’ve gotten as high as 15.33mbps down

  • johnny989

    It went live in Albany NY last weekend. My girlfriend noticed that the LTE sign popped up under her 4g. I did a speed test and it was around 20mbps. I did my Verizon speed test right after her and she her LTE spanked mine.

  • Christopher Anderson

    I think Verizon just skipped Wilmington and just expanded Philly since they are so close.