The Woz weighs in on Apple-Samsung patent war: “I hate it”

While catching up with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to get his reaction to the iPhone 5, Bloomberg also wanted to get the tech icons take on the recent ruling out of a California courtroom that found Samsung guilty of infringing upon several Apple patents. Years removed from working with the company, the Woz offered a candid take, saying, “I hate it.”

He continued, “I don’t agree with it,” questioning the validity of the patents. “Very small things,” he said, “I don’t call that innovative.” Wozniak’s opinion is that the decision of the court will be overturned upon further review, and he hopes for a world where tech patents are exchanged freely in an effort to improve software and hardware as a whole.

And, in case you were wondering, while Woz has been known to carry an Android device or two in his pocket, he has every intention to pick up the new iPhone, saying Apple took some “important steps” in advancing the latest iteration of their flagship device.

[via Bloomberg]

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  • Eric Sanchez

    So “The Great and Mighty Woz” is saying that Apple didn’t invent the curved corner. Damn, I’m flabbergasted. LOL

  • artoodeetoo

    Honestly his opinions of technology is what should be praised more these days. Sad to see that we all get caught up in the obsessions of being better.

    One day Woz, hopefully we can all just buy tech because it is cool and not care what branding is on the side of it.

  • Jeff Jansen

    The wrong Steve came back to Apple. Woz is everything I ever liked about Apple.


      Well Jobs is gone now, and Apple will fall like they did in 1997.

      • burgosma

        I don’t want them to fall, I want them to change. Apple could be a fantastic company with the right direction.

        • Bear

          I agree. I really really loathe what apple has become. I do think that they have some very fine products with some really good ideas. I’ve always maintained; I don’t like the iPhone or the way it handles things. Just a personal preference, but I’m not blinded to the past innovation or the ideas that they have used. The company itself though has really pissed me off with the way they go for small patents, that are nitpicky at best, and this has been their pattern for many years starting with Microsoft.

          Competition is healthy and Apple can push Android to innovate and vice-versa. All that wins are the consumers. Stifling competition just destroys things for consumers, to which I point you to the Airline industry which is only challenged by the car industry for travel, and all they’ve done is become stagnant, merging and merging until there is barely any choice, other than what amenities are available when you fly. Even then the move in the industry is to mimic the others, with very little variation on price. Woz is probably one of the only people that understand this in the industry.

          • chuckles87

            and when apple changes their ways i may buy a computer from them who knows maybe a iphone if future models can impress me but right now they wont get a dime. its sad too because i have a friend who is an apple fanatic he just got hired at an apple store that they are about to open and i would love to give him a sale but i have to say no to apple.

          • shonangreg

            Ditto for me. I would have bought a mac mini a couple of years ago for home video editing if it weren’t for the war of litigation Jobs was waging on android.

            There was no honor with the IP thief Jobs (by his own admission), but he did dress well.

        • ari_free

          How can they change? They need Steve Jobs and he is no more.

          • burgosma

            They need the right leadership to change. They don’t need a standard barer for Jobs’ way of doing things. They need someone young who can keep the company refining their products and innovating instead of relying on half baked patents. Look at the iPhone 5, it had so few improvements and very little new content to tout. Regardless of how well the iPhone 5 sells, we are witnessing the decline of Apple.

          • MWFish

            They need the Wonderful Wizard of Woz

        • Jamille Browne

          No, I want them to fall and make it a hard fall that they can’t recover. Apple doesn’t deserve to be a top grossing company with the way they abuse their power. Apple can’t be trusted.

        • YankeeDudeL

          That might be the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard on the internet.

    • Michael Thompson

      You nailed it right there. I like this guy.

  • Jayshmay

    Can someone explain to me what happened to Steve Wozniak role in Apple? Why he parted ways?

    • David Cramblett

      Woz liked to invent and build things. Woz liked things to be upgrade-able and serviceable by the end user. Steve hated that idea, he wanted things locked down and proprietary. Further when Jobs started political warfare within the company, Woz didn’t want to have anything to do with it. They just grew apart. I encourage all of you to read the Jobs Biography, it’s well worth the read.

      • chuckles87

        he was involved in a plane crash. after his recovery he took time off from apple then returned as an engineer till he retirees from the company.

      • Nick

        I am a known Fandroid, but I did read the biography, and it was really great. There were a lot of impressive things about Jobs, and many more that turned me off.

        The second biography I read was from the same author, and it was Benjamin Franklin’s biography. Franklin never patented anything because he felt that innovation is what would build this country.

  • NardVa

    Apple have people smart enough to know in the long run they will lose the smartphone battle. Android phones advance at a faster pace than the IPhone. Apple has only one defense and that is to use questionable patent lawsuits to slow down companies like Samsung and HTC.

    • Nick

      Many of those people will be retiring soon, and then where is the talent? Plus, Apple’s stock will most likely begin to fall off as the talent pool begins to go away.

  • ntegrit

    How the hell did he ever hook up with Jobs?!

    • David Cramblett

      Read the Jobs Biography – Jobs latched on to Woz. I always thought Woz was ridding Steve’s coat tails, turns out I was uninformed. It was entirely the other way around. You wouldn’t be surprised to hear the ways that Steve took advantage of (and even cheated) Woz in several instances. There may never have been an Apple without Jobs, but Jobs never would have amounted to anything with out Woz.

      • Pnutt916

        Wow! I never heard/read that! this makes me wanna read the biography now.

      • ntegrit

        Steve (Jobs) was like Steve’s (Woz’) ‘evil twin’!

      • BigCiX

        very true. i just picked up the book and slight past the part where he (jobs) would hang out in his garage.

      • Steven Skwarkowski

        The movie everyone know tells it quite well. It is quite obvious Jobs was the business man and Woz was the genius behind it. Jobs was simply good at being a salesman AND having great, great ideas. Woz put those ideas to work. He was a tinkerer…Jobs was the talker.

        • ari_free

          Kinda like Penn and Teller

      • Nick

        Jobs wasn’t the technical person in the duo. Wozniak was the technical person, and Jobs was figuring out how to make all the money off of Woz’s talents.

      • Michael T. Babcock

        This is often true of large companies — a few good talented people being directed and used by someone who has marketing and social skills. To be fair, its often the only way those technical people would end up selling a product at all. On the other hand, you have companies like Google …

        • ari_free

          google is very new at selling things. They used to be known for giving stuff out for free. We’re now finally seeing some success with the Nexus 7.

  • user311

    Wish woz was in charge of apple… the world would be a much better place. Cook sucks.

  • Pnutt916

    Apple needs a new leader to stay competitive, The iPhone 5 is old tech on day 1. It would be nice to see Woz return to lead the company. Android needs worthy opponents, or the innovation will slow to a stop.

    • Fahim Yaqoob

      Not really, they will always better things that already exist. And android doesnt need a opponent, they need a competitor that is one the same side as them. They all need to compete to create new things. Like apple before they started the patent war.

      • spicymeatball

        Yeah, Android has a competitive environment within itself. How many things were done first in touch wiz or sense and then brought into stock Android. Hardware wise as well. HTC isn’t just competing against Apple they have Motorola and Samsung and many others to contend with.

    • Nick

      Woz would add SD slots to the iPhone, and a miniUSB so that people can do more.

      • ari_free

        iPhone needs something bigger than that. It can’t just be another android; it has to bother Android just like the iPhone bothered phones that were based on resistive screen technologies.

        For example, imagine a phone that would ‘know’ if your finger is above the display without touching. You could hover over links and perform mini Kinect like gestures. Apple didn’t do that. Instead, they were bothered by Android’s flexible screen sizes and had to come up with a letterboxing hack to get everything to work.

        • Marvin Nakajima

          I’ve heard Sony already has developed the technology to affect the display by having your finger a few millimeters above the surface of the screen.

  • ryan rochford

    jobs is a shark, woz is a teddy bear

  • Jason Farrell

    :highfive: Woz.

    Apple’s gotten much more rotten over the years. They really need to reign in their arrogant lawyering and actually innovate, but they won’t until it backfires, which might be a while.

  • jdstigler

    Did he play Harry in Harry and the Henderson’s??

  • Mike Derian

    “Woz weighs in”…….it’s funny cuz he’s fat XD

  • ilh

    If only all Steves thought this way. (And typing in mobile Chrome with SwiftKey is finally workable, huzzah!)

  • Fahim Yaqoob

    Damn he woz the man

  • TheSuperhoo

    The Great and All-Powerful Woz has SPOKEN!