Samsung Bulgaria: Some mid-range phones skipping ICS, jumping straight to Jelly Bean

Here’s the bad news: owners of the mid-range Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 or Samsung Galaxy S Advance looking forward to an update to Ice Cream Sandwich can forget that. Samsung Bulgaria has made a statement on their Facebook page stating that the two Gingerbread handsets won’t receive Android 4.0. So you want the good news? Samsung apparently plans to upgrade the devices directly to Jelly Bean.

While the news should get owners excited, don’t expect the announcement to translate to an update arriving anytime soon. Samsung’s focus is set on getting Jelly Bean ready for their flagship Galaxy S3, and recent reports have that occurring during October at the earliest. It will likely be several more months before the Ace 2 or Galaxy S Advance see Android 4.1, if we can even put much stock in the statements of a social media rep working for a foreign branch of Samsung.

[via GSMArena]

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  • Shaunwin

    What about the Droid Charge?

    • Dima Aryeh

      Galaxy S based. Won’t get ICS. No Galaxy S will.

  • warcaster

    What about the original Ace? Come on Samsung, step up your game. Apple is upgrading their phones for 3 years, and you’re barely even doing it for 1 year. If you really want to copy Apple, do it for that.

    I’m not even saying this to bash Samsung. I really think we Android users deserve better than having our phones forgotten after just 1 year.

  • matthewcruce

    do the smart thing if you want jelly bean get the nexus true.

  • BigCiX

    Most phones will get least 1 upgrade. Less then half will get the second one. That’s why it Nexus from here on for me.

  • Zapren Kostadinov

    What?!.. that’s my country… YAY.

  • Nick_Lopez_Loya

    Eastern Europe huh? Nice

  • Ariyan Haghgoo

    such a big supprise!!!