Vizio Co-Star back up for order, shipping October 1

While we’re keeping an eye on the Vizio Co-Star’s availability, those interested in picking one up can once again do so. Still dubbed a pre-order, the Google TV box is back on sale for $99.99. The shipping date now reads as October 1st, so just about two weeks later than they were shipping yesterday. It looks like availability is evening out. Remember, the Co-Star is only available via Vizio’s site.

[via GTVSource]

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    I need bluray support.

    • Chris Chavez

      I need a better processor. Google TV is very resource heavy. Every GTV product I’ve owned has been unbearably sluggish and unresponsive.


        How many have you owned? I got one of those Ligitech Revue’s when they were being passed out to developers, didn’t like the device. It wasn’t even rootable if you powered in on before some solder work.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I need to see some indication that Google isn’t abandoning Google Tv before I dump money on a product like this. I want to like Google TV, but I need Google to love it first.

    • munee

      I have the Sony blu ray player/Google tv its a glorified Netflix player in my house. And it barely does that better then my Xbox. The crome browser is horrible freezing and force closing. You can’t side load apps that are perfect for it. All other browsers don’t load. I wish they would pick a direction and go instead of doing nothing. This is the only android device I’m scared to root.

    • Luxferro

      Smart move. It’s really not worth the money at this point. Crap app selection. I’m more satisfied with my raspberrypi over my co-star for playing movies off my NAS.

  • Aaron Neyer

    For a little while yesterday, after they initially sold out, they went on pre-sale with a ship date of 9/24. That’s when I got mine.