Motorola Kills Off The Lapdock – Discounts Remaining Stock To $50 At Verizon Wireless Locations [Deals]

And just like that, Motorola has killed off the Lapdock. The unsuccessful laptop-like accessory hasn’t exactly been flying off store shelves since its release and we’ve been expecting its demise ever since the Motorola Atrix HD lacked support for the over-priced accessory. We’ve seen older versions pop up on the daily deal sites in the past, and now it looks like Death has come for the latest version — the Lapdock 100 — which has found itself marked down to a staggering $50 in Verizon retail stores (not available online).

This latest clearance/fire sale is an effort to clear stores of remaining stock and will most likely be the last you’ll here from the Lapdock — a product with great potential (seriously, I wish my phone supported one) but tablet-like pricing caused it to be shunned by consumers. Pity. If you were looking to snag one on the cheap (the 100 series is compatible with all Motorola Lapdock enabled handsets), better run into your local Verizon store to see if they have any left. These wont last long.

Oh, and you might want to keep an eye out for the Lapdock 500 Pro. It’s currently listed as “out of stock” on Verizon’s website, but if the subject of a similar fire sale in stores, it’ll make quite-the-steal with a 14-inch display, ethernet port and VGA out.


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    Will the new RAZR MAXX HD support this? either native or through XDA?

  • ari_free

    What can I say? it was a bad idea. Asus transformer was a better idea.

  • Scott Norcross

    The lap dock was a great idea. I got to use one when I had my original Atrix. But the software was slow and clunky and it just cost too much. If it were only $100 or something with better software, I bet it would’ve been much more successful. Its a shame really.


      Just another example of a 92% baked product, that they wanted to make a killing off of.

  • José Gómez

    I would SO get this if my Galaxy Nexus supported it!

  • JulianZHuang

    saw that coming.

  • Nick_Lopez_Loya

    This thing was more innovative than the Apple hardware for iphone, but who cared right? It’s all about looking cool with the apple sticker on your stuff. If the Atrix was available at tmobile I would have bought it, but Motorola like Apple chooses its retailers. How stupid.

    • Scott Norcross

      Yeah, I wish we would see some high end Motorola phones on T-Mobile. I’m tired of seeing their flagships on Verizon..

    • okiwa002

      The Atrix is useable on T-Mobile’s network in that it also is GSM. Only problem is that you would have to either buy the device outright or via eBay…

      • Nick_Lopez_Loya

        Yeah, man. I have used att phones on tmobile, but the 4g band is different, so you have to settle for Edge which is ridiculously slow for my taste.

  • Michael Thompson

    It’s hard to blame them.
    I’m a gadget nut and STILL couldn’t justify this purchase to myself.
    I went out and got a BT game controller instead, which will see FAR more use than this white elephant ever will.

    • Michael Thompson


  • UniBroW

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t this accessory REQUIRE an additional data plan? Pretty sure, if this was even $200 and didn’t require any extra nickle and dimeing from the carriers it would have been met with more success than it currently had. Having said that, I don’t think it would have been a wild success.

    • Zack Ervin

      And that was the other MAJOR fail of these devices. The triggered the OMG you need a tethering plan to use them over carrier data on NON modded devices. It’s a simple db change, but a pity nonetheless. The sad result of pure greed, and $499 accessory that required a $30/month service option is simple idiotic, and no one fell for it, or very few.

      • Craig Slits

        they dropped the need for an additional data plan a while back..

    • barry99705

      It will work without it on wifi, or just hack it….

      • Craig Slits

        i have the razr maxx and no you do not have to have an additional data plan.. im typing on my lapdock 100 right now.

  • barry99705

    They make pretty good terminals for the android on a stick usb computers and the raspberry pi’s. That’s probably what I’ll end up using mine for, maybe.

  • Zack Ervin

    The laptops themselves were GREAT in concept. I have the dock for my Atrix which is a standby device now. The problems were a perfect storm of the corporate idocracy. First, the price of the dock was simply ridiculous. For the functionality they had when released, it should have been priced like any other accessory.

    The software seemed to be designed by people who knew very little about the liux landscape, and just threw in what was popular. They used 2GB of space to run firefox and pieces of lxde. I hacked on the OS myself, and with some tweaking it ran significantly better with more software. The webdock running full xfce4, fluxbox, or full lxde desktops. It was great having full blown terminals and linux apps, for server admins on the go, but was crippled by the way Motorola built it.

    On top of the general bad choice, saddling this with Firefox and no upgrade path, was a nightmare, I think it was “up” to maybe firefox 4.0 on the latest revisions, and the only way to update is through the firmware upgrades…

    Interestingly, rather than unleashing a full desktop, similar to what Ubuntu is already showing us on some devices, in the latest ICS devices, they choose to completely rip out the “webtop” and replace it with the ICS tablet UI. Not a bad decision, since it effectively turns the device into a keyboarded tablet ala Transformer, but I would have preferred a more streamlined linux desktop.

    Now rather than fulfill the promises, they just chose to scrap the whole project? I think this is the worst decision of all. The only reason I am not using my Atrix and lapdock now, is the software is just severally outdated. Motorola has yet to upgrade any of the old devices to ICS promised, and should they ACTUALLY upgrade he Atrix to ICS/JB and update the lapdock software, I could see myself picking it back up and using it again right now. It’s a great product with a piss poor execution.


    @ UNIBROW:

    The 1st LAPDOCK/PHONE offering (at&t’s ATRIX) I believe did require an additional plan.However,subsequent LAPDOCK models/phones (BIONIC,LAPDOCK 100/500 & HD DOCKS & STATIONS for the ATRIX2 ,BIONIC ,PHOTON,RAZR,DROID4) do not require additional plans.

  • xsirxx

    does this work with the new photon q? And if not are there webtop hacks we can put on our rooted phone?

  • aQuickBit

    Just picked mine up from Verizon about 15 minutes ago after reading this article. I went in and figured they wouldn’t even be up on it but oddly enough they were quite aware of the sale. I know it’s not the most practical accessory but I think it still is one of my better impulse buys.
    (by the way the total price is $52 after taxes)

  • Sarah Harris Horn

    I tried to get one for my son, who really needs a laptop, but it’s just not in the budget right now. This would of been a good compromise. However, not one within 500 miles of me–they were asked to ship most of them out last week for bigger markets! BUGGER!

  • AceCurry

    Watch the iPhone 6 or 7 have this and it becomes the most magical and greatest thing ever. Fingerprint sensor as well.

  • Max

    just gave my local store a call they had 3 lapdock100s left for $50, the lapdock 500 he said was listed as having a price drop to 290 something, also apparently its such a bad seller the guy had never sold one of either

  • thebeeobee

    Got one! Charging now. Love the size/weight and the fact that it charges your phone while using it.

  • Craig Slits

    just got myself a $50 lapdock 100.. its pretty cool and the webtop with ics/razr maxx works pretty darn good. since i kept my unlimited data plan, this lapdock is going to come in hAndy.

  • Max

    So I finally got a chance to play with the one I bought. I think I might return it to the store, or if someone wants I could sell it to them. I haven’t even taken the plastic off It doesn’t seem to work well with the droid 4. Trying to watch a youtube video with nothing else open 70% cpu used warning lights start flashing. It also yells at me becasue it says im low on disk space (28% left, when I have at leat 50% free), I don’t think its seeing most of memory, its really weird. It says RAZR in big writing on the box so maybe it working with the droid 4 is a lie?

  • Max

    so anyone want to buy mine? i’ll offer it for what i paid to a fellow phandroider.