LiquidSmooth ICS milestone comes to the HTC Thunderbolt

While the HTC Thunberbolt may be getting the unfortunate shaft when it comes to an official Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, the development community always has your back.

LiquidSmooth ICS, an AOSP-based ROM with a lot of great tweaks, customization and features, has finally been made available for Verizon’s first 4G LTE device.

This is being called a milestone release, which means this thing has taken tremendous strides from the earlier work we’ve seen.Take a look at the latest changes, and just a couple of things which are still broken:

-MMS Now Works
-Torch Has Been Fixed
-RIL/System Files Heavily Modified
-1x/3G/4G Shows & Works Correctly
-Updated/Tweaked the Menu Settings
-Now is REL, Fixes Google Music, Etc..
-Kernel & ROM Optimized and Compiled With Linaro
-First AOSP ICS ROM For Thunderbolt With Working RIL/Data

Video Camera Still Broke
Netflix Broke As Well

Hopefully those two issues get ironed out before too long, but this is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the best daily drivers you’re going to find in Ice Cream Sandwich form for the HTC Thunderbolt right now. If you’re rooted with a custom recovery be sure to head to XDA for the instructions and downloads. [via Droid-Life[

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  • Go Hawkeyes

    Why do devs seem to have problems getting video to work in ROMs? I know nothing about programming for Android, that is why I am asking.

  • BloodMyst

    If I recall it has to do with the GPU decoding the videos. I am not 100% sure though. Just going from memory

  • Weezer

    Amazing this gets front page coverage for custom ROMS over many other phones…. :

    • dreadnatty08

      Gotta agree. Feel bad for those who still have the TBolt. :(

    • seth valliere

      ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! you obviously DO NOT own a Tbolt! this is a major step for the 1st 4g verizon phone. There is still alot of people that have this phone, and I am glad Phandroid gave a headline story for this.

      • Weezer


    • ingua2

      derptard post. If you actually read this site you’d see lots of coverage for other phones with custom roms. Read, then maybe you’ll get some respect.

      • Weezer

        Just saying other more recent phones have custom ROM’s so why aren’t they front page news also?

    • Matt Howell

      After all the work that went into it, its obvious why. -[SP]JESTER

      • Weezer


        • Matt Howell

          why you sighing? dont beleive its me hahahahaha ok then buddy

  • Scott Stafford

    How is this on the news page? It’s not even a fully functioning rom? Dafuq?

    • ReverseRoxas

      It can do data, get MMS, take calls, use apps, and the camera. What’s the problem? That’s good enough for a daily driver.

    • Matt Howell

      Well i am SPJESTER, and just dropping in to say that if you dont know why this is on the news page, why would you comment. We worked countless hours on this rom, day after day. It deserves news because we had FULLY WORKING DATA and a RIL before the ICS leak came that is completely USELESS to AOSP and has nothing that works for us. We did it all in house, no source code. This rom is Android History. Good day

      • Go Hawkeyes

        Thanks for all your hard work. I’ve donated to Liquid in the past and I’ve gone ahead and donated to both of you again today.

      • Scott Stafford

        I’m sorry you wasted your time on such a crappy phone.

        • Matt Howell

          well the hero is a crappy phone to lol, but people still use it….. unfortunately.. haha. If we get it working fully, its the start of its final road. Its going out with a bang as the iphone killer tho lol for sure

      • Topher Sikorra

        Fracking awesome job! You guys are the greatest.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Used Liquid on my Nexus when I had it. definitely my number 2 ROM, just under AOKP.

  • What__Meow

    Its not ur dream phone, its the phone after that … riiiiiiiggghhht