[Deal] Walmart, Target offering T-Mobile Galaxy S III at discounted prices

Looking to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S III on T-Mobile? Then your best bet is to head to either a Target or a Walmart, with both the stores offering the phone at over a $100 discount from the carrier’s own price. It’s going to cost you $148 at Walmart and $169 at Target with a $25 Google Play gift card thrown in. Both offers are eligible on two-year contracts for either new connections or upgrades.


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  • Mark2468

    Tmobile is looking better to me than ever, Sprint just isn’t cutting it with their SLOW LTE rollout in Atlanta, whereas Tmobile has HSPA+ 42 everywhere in the metro, I think those speeds will suffice with or without LTE until next year from Tmobile.

    • treypoundz

      T-Mobile is deff better then sprint. Faster service and there LTE will be faster. Plus they have better phones. Plus you’ll be able to use at&t phones on T-Mobile soon

      • http://www.facebook.com/duong.d.ngo Duong Duc Ngo

        with horrible network. Up in northern/central Michigan there is NO t-mobile service what so ever. With Sprint I was about to have both voices and data, with t-mobile roaming on ATT and using edge

  • KBogle24

    Dang my contract is up next month! I am still rocking the first galaxy never gave me a problem good phone!


    if you live in a big city great, if you live or travel where data roams stay away.

  • john

    I get 9 mbs down and 3 mbs up on t mobile Hspa+. It is nice and plan is cheap.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Is this phone as good as the iPhone 3G?