AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Confirmed In Leaked Screenshots – Release Imminent

Alright, so we just got done telling you guys about a leaked system dump from a purported AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and now some screenshots from the SGH-I317 have slipped out, with our friends at Brief Mobile nabbing the exclusive (they have a very cooperative Samsung tipster).

We had little-to-no-doubt the device would eventually make its way to AT&T (international frequency bands mostly match AT&T’s) but what’s interesting is Samsung’s quad-core Exynos 4412 is seemingly intact. No dual-core Qualcomm to be found. Remember, the last Note (and even the Galaxy S3) had to switch to a Qualcomm chip for compatibility with AT&T’s 4G LTE. Looks like Samsung patched everything up in their latest quad-core.

There’s a handful of screenshots showing specs for the Note — 1280×720 resolution, Android 4.1.1, etc. — along with benchmarks. The device scored a respectable 5912 in Quadrant, and ATuTu gave it a 13551 (higher than even the Galaxy S3). Nothing we haven’t really seen before.

When it came to a release date the source couldn’t pin one down, saying only to expect it “soon.” Guess we wont have to wait much longer for an official announcement but with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 already leaked for T-Mobile, Sprint, and now AT&T — who will be first?

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  • Jocelyn Moonjob

    I bet they release it on September 21 ;)

    • mhmmd123

      In my opinion the release date would be with or before the IPHONE 5.

      • Jocelyn Moonjob

        Exactly :)

  • Alexander Ramos

    If Sprint releases it soon, I think I would buy it…

  • supremekizzle

    When was it leaked for t mobile? I didn’t see anything. Someone link me PLEASE!!!

  • Allritch Tessono

    This would literally be the fastest phone on the US market. soak that in for a minute

  • intocad

    Ohhhhh please please please… soon

  • SuperMarino

    Now leak a Verizion version, or better yet, just release it!

    • dreadnatty08

      Would be pretty close to swapping my Gnex for one, but I’ll wait for the Nexus announcement before I do if both do come to Verizon. Crossing fingers.

  • RavenFox

    Hmm buying a new phone for my Mom I wonder if I should wait. She runs her own business and usually does Bluetooth so this might be good. wide screen to see contacts and appointments. Able to jot down notes quickly. Now I just need a concrete release day.

  • C-Law

    Where the F is Verizon? Why does the “best” carrier have the smallest amount of phone choices and highest prices.Verizon sucks in so many ways

    • Daniel Tiberius

      Yeah Verizon is a mess.

    • malcmilli

      People always say that but I always thought they had a good line up, 2nd carrier to get iPhone, nexus exclusivity, RAZR maxx exclusivity, gs3, incredible, you guys missed out on the gs2 but that seems to be about it.

      • bos

        exclusivity double sucks

        it stifles competition and retards hardware progression

        it makes it impossible to get the device you want without paying their bloated price under their new policy of byod or get kicked off your unlimited data plan

        • malcmilli

          i’m not saying exclusivity doesn’t suck, im just saying i dont agree that their phone line up is as bad as people make it out to be.

    • CryptoNoel

      maybe they passed on it to get another phone, like they did with the GSII in favor of the GNex

    • Michael Thompson

      Agreed. Verizon = mess

    • Ron_Swanson

      Verizon is getting it for sure.

    • faceless128


  • Johnny Test

    Verizon blows

  • Daniel Tiberius


  • nemesys06

    I’m upgrading my phone at the end of the month. If this releases for sprint around that time then this will be my next phone. i can wait until October if i must

  • mhmmd123

    I am using Galaxy Note on AT&T, I”ll never buy another GNote from them again. They over load it with their junk, which keep running in the back ground and no way you can remove them like Sprint.

    • barry99705

      Aren’t there any other roms you can throw on it? Or just root it and remove them.

      • mhmmd123

        I don’t like to root my phones.
        Sprint they let their customers to remove their apps without rooting the device.

        • Jason Farrell

          AT&T hasn’t updated the Note1 to ICS yet? Because when they do, ICS has the built-in feature in “Manage Apps” to remove the bloat.

          • mhmmd123

            YES, it’s running ICS 4.04.

          • Jason Farrell

            Ah. Good. So, go to manage apps, find some AT&T bloat app, “Remove Updates”, then “Disable”

          • mhmmd123

            You can remove the updates only, not the apps, as Sprint. I did all that. NO way you can remove their apps. And if you can good luck.

          • Jason Farrell

            So I guess Sprint is more evil than AT&T in this case for removing that de-bloater feature.

  • mhmmd123

    Why the Note2 has less resolution than first Galaxy Note?

    • B2L

      Because the Note 2 had a 16:9 aspect ratio, the original Note has a 16:10 aspect ratio; so the original has more width.

    • faceless128

      technically, it just has a lower vertical res, horiz. res is the same.