AT&T Galaxy Note 2 System Dump Ready For Downloading

The leaks from XDA-Developers forum just keep on coming. Early yesterday XDA member Oka1 was somehow able to get his hands on a purported system dump from the “quad-core” AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and is ready for ROM chefs to download and dive into. The 920MB file houses the entire Galaxy Note 2 OS including system apps and is apparently from the unannounced “AT&T” Note 2, although it’s entirely possible the leaker could have meant international version. We’d imagine it wont be too long before we begin seeing Galaxy Note 2 custom ROMs ported over to the old Note. Exciting stuff.


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  • toomuchgame441


  • a)

    I hope the devs go balls deep in that system dump and crank out something that will make me feel like im on cloud 9 again.

    • C-Law

      Lol, what?!

    • AQP

      That’s what she said…. I yeah I couldn’t resist lol

  • PenelopeLandysh

    damn! 920mb, gonna be some big downloads in the future for flashing roms.

    • a)

      The bigger the better!

  • JWolf_PDX

    And now the Sprint version shows up –