Motorola’s $100 device trade-in site now live

Yesterday at its New York City event, Motorola announced it would be upgrading most of its 2011 smartphones to Jelly Bean by the end of the year. Unfortunately they couldn’t promise all phones would receive this upgrade, but those who’ve purchased a Motorola smartphone that was released in 2011 and can’t get Jelly Bean will have a great deal lined up for them.

Motorola will give you $100 toward the release of select Jelly Bean-capable Motorola smartphone. Be careful to remember that your phone must have been released in 2011, and that you’ll only be qualified for the credit if your phone has been confirmed to be left out off the Jelly Bean train.

It’s a great initiative by Motorola who seems to be getting “it” about the importance of smartphone updates. We’re not sure if that new culture was spurred by their new-found ownership via Google, but either way we aren’t complaining. Motorola’s currently accepting information to sign up for updates at their website.

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  • surethom

    Guess this is for USA Droid customers only? I wonder if this will be offered to other country’s? on the Razr range.

    • afwafawfw

      This is only for US. Motorola doesn’t care much about customers in other countries.

      • Unorthodox

        I don’t understand why someone minus-ed this post. It is VERY TRUE. American companies don’t give a rat’s hind about outside world. Google excluded.

  • Butters619

    They make it sound like you have to give your old phone to them. Last I checked, you could still get more than $100 for a D3 or Bionic.

    • ntegrit

      It does, indeed, sound like that, which is very misleading and a far cry from “or we’ll give you $100 back on a select new Motorola smartphone”!

  • bmg314

    Maybe I’m being unreasonable, but if you sell a phone, usually on a two year contract, and that phone is not supported with updates for those two years, then I believe that you should then provide a new phone at no charge in order to stay up to date during the duration of that contact.

    That, or just sell Nexus devices only.

    • masa_amorfa

      That is unreasonable. That is like saying “I signed a two year contract for my satellite TV service. If any improvements happen in the industry during that time, then I am entitled to a new TV or device”. Remember, the contract is between you and the cell phone service provider. You are paying monthly for the service not to have a top of the line device for the length of the agreement. If you want a different or better device BUY one. It is that simple.

      • bmg314

        If I am subscribing to a satellite tv service, and some update that provides am improvement is available, but my equipment is not capable of providing that improvement, then yes, I would want new equipment at no charge.

        I guess that your way of thinking is what carriers and oems want from their customers, which is fine because its business and it’s about making money. However, I do not enjoy being bent over by ANY business, and the carriers and oems have become exceedingly good at it.

        Just my opinion…I’m sticking with mainly Nexus devices from now on, anyway, so, yeah…


  • mcgp

    Does this mean that ICS updates are being bypassed?

  • James

    Motorola is really making a comeback. I’m glad to see the new direction Google is pushing them.

  • jfelts

    This is just a ploy to get you “stuck” with getting another Motorola Phone. I could sell my Bionic on ebay for more than the $100 they offer and then be able to choose whatever manufacturer I want. After the issue I have had with the Bionic (whom has yet to even get ICS) I refuse to get another Bionic device. I made that decision after the Bionic was delayed multiple times then when it release, 1 month later they already had a new much more powerful phone on the market. All of us idiots that got the bionic was then stuck with this piece of junk.

    • phor11

      Is it a ploy to get you stuck with another moto device? Or is it a ploy to get you stuck in another 2 year contract with Veri$on? Their share everything plan data prices are almost as big of a ripoff as their old $20 a month unlimited text plans.

  • aiden9

    Hmm I hope that is a mistake, $100 back on a phone is nothing for a trade in. Had been under the impression they’d give you a rebate or coupon or something if you sent in the imei of your old phone(that way you weren’t just passing around a phone around between friends so you all get the discount).

    At $100 it seems like something that would get more use with stolen phones.

  • lynyrd65

    Most of their phones can be bought for free on amazon anyway.

  • Mike in NJ

    Screw you, Motorola. Why did you even release the Droid 3, when the Droid 4 was waiting in the wings? I bought the original Droid, and loved it, so when I was due for an upgrade, stupid loyal me went and got the “latest and greatest” Droid 3. It’s not a bad phone, but you refuse to update it, and won’t even unlock it so we can upgrade at our own risk. $100 for a trade in on a 1 year old phone is a slap in the face. You should verify ownership and offer the credit without a trade in. Even with that, I don’t think I’d give you any more of my business.

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      stop trolling

  • mkl99

    at least they are doing something… samsung could care less about its customers

    • moises1204

      yea but at least samsung phones can be updated through xda roms because the bootloader are unlock-able so whats your point? and they do care more than Motorola ever will, well lets see what happen now that Google owns them.

      • mkl99

        updated to what? i have a droid charge..there will never be anything but hacks to stock rom because samsung refuses to release RIL code

        EDIT: And no chance in hell of them ever releasing ICS for it

        • moises1204

          Yea I forgot to tell you that verizon is the apple of carriers, they won’t let you do anything to your devices. Almost every Samsung phones outside the Verizon one can have the boot loader unlocked, I feel for you though.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            Motorola are the best period.

  • eleazar

    Carrier credit? That’s pretty cool. So you can even use it with upgrades, etc.

  • Kevin Niles

    Thay can k m a if thay think i am going to cash my phone in and pay full price for a new moto IF THE BONIC CANT HANDLE THE UP DATE THAY SHOULD LET US CASH THEM IN FOR A FREE RAZZ M. WHAT A JOKE

  • Guest

    I am buying a USED DROID CHARGE TODAY.130.00 MINT

  • Kevin Niles

    What is even more of a joke is these new phones dont even have JELLY BEAN ON THEM NOW OUT OF THE BOX.

  • Michael Thompson

    No ICS for my Bionic by the end of the month and it gets hacked and I seriously will consider NOT buying another Motorola phone. Especially with so much awesome competition around right now.

  • Lokifish Marz

    Company purchased over $6k in Moto equipment and used Webtop very heavily. ICS comes along and now we’re having to replace all of it. Thanks Moto but you’re going to have to do better than a $100 bribe.

  • Slighter

    Photon 4G – Sprint listed in the sign up – drop down for model /carrier. mmm???
    Send button doesn’t work yet though