AT&T 4G now available in 7 new markets

AT&T has announced that 7 new markets would be getting its high-speed G LTE network. Folks in Jacksonville, FL; Anchorage, AK; Bakersfield, CA; Bridgeport, CT; Modesto, CA; Omaha, NE; and Syracuse, NY will be seeing those 4G icons light up at the top of their phones starting today.

AT&T’s steady pace and sizable deployments give us confidence that folks shouldn’t need to wait long after buying a 4G phone before their markets eventually get service. Let us know if you’re able to get a 4G connection, and don’t forget to perform a speed test to commemorate the joyous occasion.

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  • Lucas Jones

    About GD time

  • bob

    Bakersfield??? Wouldn’t have expected to see us on that list for awhile. Modesto even longer. That being said no company, division, service or reseller related to or run by AT&T will ever get a dime of my money again. Worst company in existence. Not to mention I still believe LTE technology is highly suspect. Verizon’s service and reception over all has gone to hell since the implemented it.

    • Crimsonshadow774

      I was shocked that Verizon got LTE to Akron/Canton OH before a lot of major cities myself. Love it though.

    • wtpanos

      Idk man I love having lte everywhere I go. never really waiting to load something up. granted the speeds aren’t what they might exactly tout but that are a great improvement

  • Butters619

    Modesto. Lol.

  • BigCiX

    Its been here in Bakersfield for almost two weeks already. I’ve gotten as high as 28 mbps.

  • http://phandroid deh2002

    I would have thought Pittsburgh Pa would have been on the list sooner.
    Doesn’t matter to me that much, I like having the ability to use the international version of major devices.

  • silversubie

    Doesn’t matter how fast it is when your cell coverage still sucks!


    Modesto? I thought only farm workers live there, they can’t afford a 4G phone….Same for Bakersfield….

  • bong

    Havnt seen 4g yet her in jacksonville fl…they said it was down

  • dodgerdog1978

    LTE has been here in Turlock CA (10 min from Modesto) for about 2 weeks now and were getting around 15-20 mb download

  • David Sheppardini

    Not thrilled that Bridgeport got LTE before Hartford and New Haven did, but at least it was good to read that they’d get it before the end of the year, which of course around here will mean 12/31/2012 11:59:59pm..