Sprint’s Leaked Playbook Reveals Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G Receiving Jelly Bean Starting Tomorrow

Good news for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G owners on Sprint. A Phandroid tipster just sent us the above leaked image from Sprint’s employee Playbook confirming that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update is due to rollout tomorrow, September 6th. This will bring the software version up to FH05 for Galaxy Nexus users, and JRO03R for those with the Nexus S 4G.

By now, you already know exactly what to expect with Jelly Bean, so mark it on your calendars, folks! It’s also said that you wont be able to pull OTA on your own, and will instead have to wait for Google to push out the update to your device. But I’m sure that wont stop you from trying. Cheers!

Thanks, _epic!

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    YO!!! Us Verizon users are waiting!

    • Victor Yoon


      • http://twitter.com/JenniferRickert Jennifer Rickert

        ICS for the PHOTON is scheduled for Q4 2012,anything else beyond that is a mystery...iphone5Amazing.blogspot.com

    • sc0rch3d

      my toro ain’t waiting….had JB since the day G announced it :)

    • NyReynolds

      Verizon is still making up reasons not to release it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Blake891 Stephen Blake Gallinari

      Root, and you’ll never look back… trust me :)

  • Treyhunnid

    good loox sprint…now getz me mah LTE in chicago!

  • root4life

    Thank you Jesus

  • RandinoTheGreat

    I don’t understand why someone would own a Nexus, and still wait and complain about OTA updates. If you got a Nexus for the fast updates, then root it and updates will be nearly as soon as they are announced.

    • toomuchgame441

      Yup, I’ve had jelly bean on my Sprint Gnex since mid July… I wouldn’t ever have a Nexus and not root it

    • http://gplus.to/questioncom victor sanchez

      Exactly. It takes minutes to update. If you’re going to complain, get different phone

    • http://twitter.com/mingramjr Michael Ingram Jr

      Its the principle of the matter

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      because the purpose of a Nexus device is to get updates directly from Google for as long as the device is supported, with immediate effect. You can root any phone and ROM it… so I don’t see what the point of saying someone should have to root to get it. You can apply the same root statement to anyone else without JB…. it’s kind of a useless thing to say.

  • TerrBear

    Is the Moto photon ever going to get an update? Is my phone a dud?



    ICS for the PHOTON is scheduled for Q4 2012,anything else beyond that is a mystery.

    CONGRATS to all SPRINT G NEX & NEXUS S owners…… ENJOY!

  • JaysenAllen

    Earlier I got a update for google search on my Sprint GS3 but i went to go update and it said it wasnt compatible, so that makes me believe that were gonna be getting it fairly soon.

  • hfoster52

    horrible news for Verizon customers…..

    • watson111505

      Couldn’t agree with you more

  • Mike in NJ

    Damn you Verizon!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

    I wonder if it actually happens.

    • http://whistleblows.com/ David Tyler

      I’m with you, Ryan. I’ve been teased before. Has anyone actually gotten the update yet?

  • matthewcruce

    oh yeah my gnex has been getting tired of the apex nova jelly bean theme finally lol

  • Nick

    Oh well I’m not to worried. That’s awesome sprint is pushing the update but I’m rooted and on JB right now and its the best ROM ever. Those of you who aren’t. Go to XDA and download the tool kit onto your PC and its so easy, a caveman can do it :) lol serious tho, it took me literally about 30 mins if that and I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to root stuff. And you can always unroot it back to stock if your scared lol. ITS WORTH IT THO

  • El_Frank

    Hopefully it does happen tomorrow… Plus it sucks not having 4G service :-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    This just reminds me to never buy a Nexus device from a carrier in the states.