Eric Schmidt: 1.3 million Android activations per day, installed base at 480 million

In a slightly surprising turn, Eric Schmidt has taken the stage for one of the first post-buyout press conferences hosted by Motorola, and he has revealed the latest activation numbers for Google’s Android platform. Android is now seeing 1.3 million activations per day, 70,000 of which are tablets. That number has no doubt been spurred on by the launch of the world’s first Jelly Bean tablet, the Nexus 7. With so many activations, Android now boasts an installed base of 480 million users.

Quite the impressive figure, and while we don’t have all the data in front of us, easily enough users to establish Android’s position as the world’s top mobile platform. Dennis Woodside, new CEO of Motorola, come on stage to talk a bit more about the company now that they are under Google’s wing and new handset announcements are sure to follow shortly. Stay tuned.


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  • JamesS

    Please, non-Verizon handsets in the US?

    • Fuzzypaw

      This. No one should be on Verizon unless they are there due to a company contract, considering they’re more expensive than everyone else and not even GSM.

      • Brian S.

        Good to know someone else realizes the goodness of GSM.

  • ehBrY

    No edge to edge phone! Wahhhh Wahhhh that’s what I wanted.

  • Scott Tompkins

    lol @ the apple-paid analysts that said Android peaked back at like 600k activations per day.

    • Brian S.

      Lol to that. And thanks for bringing that up. I notice all too often people see something like that in the news about Apple and they think “that is true.” With the unstated assumption that it could not be false.

  • bob

    ummmmm how could the N7 have any effect on “activations” when there’s only a wifi only model? Are they referring to Google Play activations? like handsets turned on and connected to Google?

    • shonangreg

      When you first turn on a new (or used) android device, you activate an account or add a new device onto an existing account. The number has nothing to do with WiFi or cell or however the devices actually connect to the internet.

    • mhmmd123

      I think they are counting the activation with the Gmail too.

      • Chris poulos

        but also n7 isn’t the only tablet… and the others also have 3g / 4g radios, or so i thought

      • Marvin Nakajima

        I suppose it is possible that when you link a device to a Google account it also sends the device’s unique ID. This would identify the activation of devices opposed to just a Gmail account.

    • Brian S.

      You kind of answered your own question.

      WiFi-only does not mean its activation cannot be detected. Cell carriers are not quite that in control. You might actual do yourself good to come to that realization at this moment.

      • bob

        I realize I kind of answered my own question. I suspected that was the answer but was looking for clarification. As for the second part. I have NO idea what that even meant. Were those words suppose to make a sentence?

        • Brian S.

          That group of words together is a sentence ;)

  • Brian S.

    We’re 480M strong now eh…? Sweeeeeet!

    Power to the programmers!

    Let’s get some discussion going on here anyone In here program java, really like android and/or use Google +? Look me up Brian sodke

    • Jayrock

      Added. lets build something :)