Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Now On 1.2% of Devices, Ice Cream Sandwich On 20.9%

It’s that time again, the beginning of the month when Google officially updates their Android distribution chart. So, what do see? Well, a lot of devices finding themselves updated with Ice Cream Sandwich apparently. Last month, ICS was at nearly 16% and as of right now, has jumped all the way up to almost 21%. That’s a pretty big leap due in part to older devices finding themselves updated from Gingerbread (which fell to 57.5%, from the previous month’s 60.6%).

Jelly Bean hasn’t been advancing quite as quickly, up now to 1.2%, a small increase over last month where it debuted at .8%. We’d expect that number to continue and rise as more devices are updated (and hopefully released) with the latest Android firmware.


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  • makapav

    Since Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S are the only devices besides the Xoom wifi which have Jelly Bean, can we expect that Google sold ~5.7 million Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S devices? That’s a big flop by any measure!

    Edit: 1.2% of 480 million (=5.7mil not 57mil) active android devices out there

    • Edward Lewis

      also Nexus 7

    • FatFredJones

      I think the decimal is out of place. 1.2% of 480 = 5.76.

      • makapav

        Aah – you are correct – then the Nexus line seems to be a flop by a long mile.

        • malcmilli

          dont forget the sprint and verizon gnexus and nexus s devices that are still on ics. That’s virtually all of the gnexes sold in the US. Also, those phones arent marketed to the general consumer for whatever reason. If it was actually marketed as well as the gs3 or the droid brand it would def sell a bit more.

    • enomele

      Asus Transformer Pad 300 has Jelly bean as well.

  • DinoRick

    This fragmentation sucks, but at least ICS is on 20% (although seeing as that is still one version behind the number should be significantly higher)
    On Android, I LOVE my Galaxy Nexus, but if I were to have any other device I’d probably switch to wp8 or ios (damn you carrier bloat, ugly OEM skins, slow updates, etc.) but the Nexus line is gold ;) although greater hardware could be a setback…

    • DinoRick

      On second thought, I’d probably get a Note 2 or Lumia 920 if not Nexus, I don’t do small screens anymore

  • Matt S

    Woooo! Go Cowboys! That is all…

  • Rob Bennett

    I have JB stock on my tf300, I love that asus didn’t mess with it and give it an ugly skin and the small things they did add are really functional. IE the ability to choose between three processor speeds depending on batter use. I root everything, but I don’t really have a reason to with this one.

  • Brian S.

    I’m in the top 1%!

    And I still don’t have any money….

    • Elijah1013

      Haha I see what you did there.

  • IronHorse01

    fragmentation? what fragmentation?!

  • veccster

    I thought the point of the new OS’s like ICS and JB where to make the platform more uniform and updates easier. I guess not.

    • Brian S.

      What you’re observing is OEMs adjusting their “skins” to run on the new software according to their own and the carrier’s wants Unlocked GSM versions of nexus phone have been updated. Maybe not the nexus s but idk it could be.

  • Alejandro

    JB will take a big jump since Moto announced scratching the ICS update and taking everything possible to JB

  • He’s Alright

    We are the 99%. #OccupyJellyBean

  • Jerry

    And this is why I will never again buy another HTC or any other non Nexus device again.

  • Gus

    this is sad all the time it takes for all android phone owners to get an update by the time we all get it there will be another OS already .
    I am waiting as well with my sgs2 t mobile version!!