Watch tomorrow’s Motorola, Verizon event straight from here (there or anywhere)

September will be one busy month for us – we have HTC, Motorola and Amazon (even Apple) bringing their best cards to the table. Motorola and Verizon are first in line, and they know you are more than eager to find out what shiny new devices they will be launching. That is why they are letting everyone watch the event live!

Motorola has decided to bring the event not only to the press, but to everyone interested in watching it from the comfort of their homes. They will be streaming the event from their YouTube page, so it is as easy as pie to watch it. But we will make it even simpler! You are already here, so why not bookmark and come back to this very post to watch it? The video is embedded right below. Just tune in tomorrow, September 5th, at 11 AM Pacific.

We have more than enough rumors to go on. We could be seeing that recently-leaked device featuring an edge-to-edge display. Or maybe the DROID M and DROID RAZR HD will be the stars of the show. Who knows – maybe all three? Regardless of the outcome, we will also be there to cover the event, so you can be sure we will be giving you some hands-on content.

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  • Mark Seven

    Ehh.. It’s always while I’m at work anyway.

  • Chris Chavez

    Looks like I’m gonna have to set my alarm O_o


      Ok, now you have confirmed that you stay up all night… Aren’t you east coast?

      • Chris Chavez

        No no no… West Coast. Thug life.

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          Left Coast for the win… also: there is no life east of I-5.

  • rehpyc

    “confort of their own homes”



    Edgar, you have convinced me to tune in here tomorrow mid-morning.

  • Martin

    Should be 19:00 clock here in the middle of europe?!

  • ari_free

    1 hour to go

  • PhiINelwyn

    “We could be seeing that recently-leaked device featuring an edge-to-edge display.”

    Does Mr. Chavez work at Motorola? ^^

  • irishrally

    “people don’t … buffering … want to wait … buffering … for a video stream to load”

  • johnny989

    The chrome browser demo failed…. you think they would have planned for every reporter being connected to wifi, and they would have made their own separate access point, but no…

  • johnny989

    Why the hell is a Verizon rep talking? She’s not saying anything useful. All I’m hearing is “we over charge for data, we over charge for data, we over charge for data…”