Samsung SGH-T889 Leaked For T-Mobile – Could Be The Galaxy Note 2

I’ve been scratching my neck like a crack-fiend waiting on word of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 coming to the US and it looks like we finally have something. A mysterious Samsung device going by the model number SGH-T889 has just appeared online, well — the “about device” screen anyway. Given that the original Note was cancelled, everything lines up with what we’d expect from a Note 2 on T-Mobile. Here’s why:

  • Original Note on T-Mobile was the SGH-T879 and wound up canceled
  • Display is listed as 1280×720 resolution (original was 1280×800)
  • Firmware listed is Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean

What’s more is TMoNews has it on good authority that the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 will retain the quad-core Exynos processor as found on the original and it will run out of the box on T-Mobile’s 42Mbps+ network (makes sense since their LTE isn’t quite ready for rollout). We can hope that since there will be no need for a special T-Mobile variant of the device, a quick and timely release will result, but a date hasn’t been confirmed just yet. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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  • bmg314

    Soon, please. Although Im going to have to make some extra money in order to pay for it outright.

  • guitarist5122

    That’s good to see, but after 8 years, it’s time to say goodbye. I travel too much and find myself too often on edge or with no service. Was so anxious to see if tmobile would get this, but oh well. Hello at&t note 2

  • Alejandro

    I am beyond excited about this!

  • supremekizzle

    And with that I will officially bid Verizon adieu.

    • SparklingCyanide

      but Verizon is launching the LG Vu soon…. edit:Obviously guys this was sarcasm, the LG Vu is junk and I’m on Magenta soooo yea, Very Excited about the Note 2! – D

      • Semianonymous

        god I hope you aren’t being serious

        • supremekizzle

          And why would that be?

          • Semianonymous

            because the vu is an awkward overly wide phone with an inferior resolution, LG’s awful UI thats somehow worse than touchwizz, a cheap capacitive stylus and quite possibly an inferior processor.

            its not a competitor in the least.

          • supremekizzle

            I don’t think you read my comment right. I don’t like the Vu. I want the Note 2

          • Semianonymous

            I think you misread my comment, or somehow thought it was directed at you. I was asking if the vu guy was serious, not you.

          • supremekizzle

            Clarification acknowledged, and am in agreement with you.

          • Erick Bernal

            Why do so much people hate Touchwiz? it’s the best UI out there in my opinion. There are so many gestures that make it really easy and usable. Touchwiz is far superior then all other Companies UI’s.

          • remnem

            stetically i prefer android stock, but talking about functionality i like touchwiz

          • Erick Bernal

            I do agree stock above all.

        • leoingle


      • supremekizzle

        Personally I don’t like the really square hard edges of the vu. Plus its only 5″

      • leoingle

        Is this a joke???

      • Chris Chavez


      • Phillip Bee

        lol .. I see what you did there !!

    • leoingle

      ME TOO!!!

  • KeIIer

    I hope we have some information on the next Nexus before this comes out so I can make a educated decision. This is soooo very tempting.


    I hope you’ve trimmed your fingernails recently Chris. Perhaps T-Mobile could also give away a free tube of Magenta-colored hydrocortisone cream w/the purchase of a NOTE 2……… ;-)

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m totally lost right now xD

      • supremekizzle

        It might just be my nasty mind but he might be implying putting your fingers somewhere?

        • Chris Chavez


  • UMA_Fan

    Hmmm… If they can do HSPA+ 42 AND Exynos then why didn’t they for the S3? Then again, it may not have been ready yet considering there are exynos/lte S3 variants popping up in different countries.

  • Paul

    With T-Mobiles new truely unlimited 4G it will be amazing

    • SparklingCyanide

      Truly Unlimited and Truly Amazing with an Equally Truly Amazing device! unlike Sprints “Slow as Molasses” Unlimited 3G…


    @supremekizzle :It’s your dirty mind, just having a little fun w/Chris’ statement @ his expense, nothing dirty or malicious (this time, at least)!

  • Magnus100

    Maybe just get this if the battery life is stellar. If not I’ll be sticking with my SGSIII

  • Brandon Cruz

    OMG I’m going back to T-Mobile! :D

  • Chicago guy

    @chris what the hell is with the funny looking symbols? O o and :ยค D/? Lol

  • Daniel Tiberius

    Hopefully they’re launching it in October along with the rest of the planet.

  • MrDSL

    Wow this really changes things. T-Mobile has good coverage here and the only 4g. Depending on what the next Nexus is this may be my new phone!

  • Steven

    I just jumped ship from T-Mobile about two months ago due to their lack of coverage. I had amazing coverage in my house for about 6 months then all of a sudden, nothing. So I now have ATT and I’m not looking back.

  • Quryous

    The first question about the Samsung Galaxy Note II : Who carries it?

    ANS: Just about everyone. At least 5 US carriers, so far.

    The next big question now remains:

    Which of the carriers which will have the Note 2 will cripple it the LEAST? And BLOATWare is a form of crippling.