HTC Thunderbolt misses promised Android 4.0 update, still coming

HTC Thunderbolt users must have been pretty ecstatic upon finding out the first Verizon 4G LTE phone would get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) by the end of August. Such excitement quickly started fading as we started reaching the end of the month, though. And doubt turned into anger when the month ended – clearly, HTC couldn’t fulfill its promise.

Fortunately, HTC is not ignoring the situation, as the guys from Droid-Life noticed. HTC has reached out to Thunderbolt users via their Facebook page, letting them know the update is still coming:

You will notice that HTC mentions they are “working with Verizon” to bring the update. This could very well mean that everything is ready to go from HTC’s side (official ROMs have been leaking, after all), but Verizon is delaying the OTA update. Sadly, this wouldn’t surprise us.

Verizon is known to take its sweet time with updates, even those for the Galaxy Nexus, which should get updates on time. The only option is to wait and see when it all gets worked out, guys. Hopefully September brings ice creamy days for you.

[Source: HTC (Facebook)]

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  • johnny989

    Same for us Inc2 users… yesterday was a sad day :(

    • phinn

      Yep, i was looking for an Inc2 update too, getting bored of CM 7.2. Not the first time HTC or Verizon has let me down.

      Nexus next time for me.

  • mcblue

    So since an ICS Rom leaked, cant devs use those radios and drivers and whatever else they need to get an unofficial CM9 rom up and running?? To be honest, I dont even want sense on my phone ever again. I tried the leaked ICS sense rom and it was slow and laggy. I want AOSP ICS on my thunderbolt, At least until that 5″ htc S4 pro 1080p phone is released.

    • Cipher Zero

      Liquid has a desensed “stock” (HTC/Verizon, not AOSP) ROM. I’ve been running it for a couple of days without any problem, and the battery life is noticeably better than the “leaked” stock ROM.
      I’ve been running LIQUID-DESENSED36 V1.1 and it’s been pretty good. As always, make sure you do a full wipe, flash at your own risk, yada-yada.
      I’m hoping that twistedumbrella, who was doing almost daily work on TBolt ICS ROMs, finishes it now that the ril has been “leaked”. TBolts got a really bad rap. Unfortunately, Verizon was involved – the same company who, (obviously along with Google) really put Android on the map with the OG Droid, and now managed to @#$% up even a Nexus.

  • scoter man1

    At least the thunderbolt is getting it. The Motorola Atrix 4G owners are still sitting here waiting for ICS. Will I buy moto again? Probably not.

  • joe

    Ha sucks to be you thunderbolt owners

  • DavidB23

    Thunderbolt missed an update? The battery was probably dead at the time.

  • Havoc70

    Verizon is probably screwing it up as usual.

  • Carlos Balderas

    My next device will be a Nexus or a phone with really good support, such as an SIII. For the Thunderbolt, this is another case where the carrier, the manufacturer, or both don’t get the product updated quick enough.

    • ingua2

      mine may be a windows phone. I love android but believe it or not, Microsoft is doing a better job with updates and if it works well with other Windows 8 desktops and devices, it’ll be a win.

  • Matt Crane

    I really am tired of the carriers dictating updates.

    I am so glad I went with prepaid on my Galaxy Nexus. I got Jelly Bean very quickly and future updates will be the same.

    The Thunderbolt was ok and I really miss the kickstand. It also is a solid device, but cutting ties with verizon has been the best thing for me.

    • ingua2

      prepaid has nothing to do with it. If you’re on verizon, you’re on verizon, regardless if you paid for your phone up front or subsidized. That argument made no sense.

      • skinien

        He’s saying he got an off-contract unlocked nexus from Google so he’s not dependent on any carrier for updates; he gets them directly from Google.

        • MrSpoiler15

          Uber pwnage!

      • InspectorGadget80

        He meant he got a prepaid SIM CARD GSM version always gets the update first than CDMA.

  • DavidVarghese

    Just root it, and put some Cyanogenmod love into it. That’ll breathe some life back into the dying Thunderbolt.

    • Cipher Zero

      Thundershed (based on CM7.2) is a good ROM. There are better TBolt ROMs out there than CM, you just have to find them.

  • PhishyKris

    Not to make this about Apple but how do they get updates out at he same time regardless of carrier? Not trolling here but seriously asking. I have a TBolt sitting on the desk and currently use a GNex.

    • Theniz

      because apple makes their own rules

    • elvato

      i think its becuz they can update it through itunes

  • Vinny Stoppiello

    Tbolts never get any love

  • animejay

    That’s one of the reason i REFUSE to be on Verizon. Their draconian policies and business practices.

  • bedrockq

    Still waiting for my HTC Incredible S Android 4 update. That was supposed to have happened in July.

  • Danny Callahan

    Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Verizon is holding it, most likely, to try and ‘convince’ those still clutching their thunderbolt to upgrade off, and buy into their new tiered plans.