Samsung Smart TVs to finally launch later this year with Google TV

While Samsung hasn’t been particularly hasty with jumping into the Google TV market, they’re no strangers to smart TVs. They were showing some new smart TVs off in Berlin today, and it looks like they were running Samsung-infused versions of Google TV.

They’ll be looking to launch the Android-powered sets later this year, and Samsung will utilize Smart Hub as the central user interface for accessing television apps and services. As you’d expect Samsung has ported some of their apps from the smart TV operating system they currently use to Google TV, so you can expect most of that in these sets.

Samsung was reportedly recorded saying Google TV and Apple TV were going to take a backseat to Smart TV, but it looks like they’ve had a change of heart since then.

While Google TV hasn’t taken off like we’d hoped it would, another major player like Samsung alongside the likes of Sony, Vizio, LG, and more will hopefully spur some growth. Is anyone keeping an eye out for these sets? [Google, Engadget]

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  • Jeff Jansen

    I’ve always been partial to Samsung TVs and really like their smart TV platform. If they can move those features to the GoogleTV platform and use it on all of their new line of smartTVs, it will be a big step towards Google TV taking off. Finally, a manufacturer embracing the platform as opposed to releasing a few samples on otherwise sub-par equipment to see how they do. Of course, that’s only hoping. I’ll believe they are going to switch everything only when I see the new line.

  • ari_free

    Just build it into the TV. Very few will buy another box just for google TV unless it is a gaming console.

  • Oliver Petruzel

    So the hook-ups will involve an HDMI cable going from your cable box to your TV, another one from the TV to the receiver, and then yet another one going BACK TO the TV?

    ok, fair enough….

    • niuguy

      Cable box –> Receiver —>TV

  • virtualCableTV

    One of the most significant reasons connected TV is not doing well is because software developers are not stupid people.

    Only stupid people waste their lives writing code that only runs on crippleware like Google TV and other platforms that have refused to –fully– support HTML5, XSLT used to transfrom XML into HTML5 and the other W3C standards supported on all other connected devices such as the mobile phones, tablets, desktops and such.

    That’s why there are so few apps and software services for connected TVs.

    • ari_free

      You’d be surprised to know how many websites that were designed to look good on IE6

      • virtualCableTV

        No, I am not surprised at all.

        I think you help make my point ari_free, I was one who had to develop for IE6 because I had to however, building 2-3 redundant copies of our code to run on other browsers finally burned us all out and wasted incalcuable millions of dollars.

        I think there is a general consensus amongst developers and companies that hire us that none of us want to repeat this crippleware bullsh!t on the connected TV platform. What they have gotten away with in the past and now in the present with mobile phones is bad enough.

        While it is just emerging now it appears the Smart TV Alliance is supporting development using the official and de facto WWW development standards that allow developers to reach many devices.

        Finally, I do not want to support Apple or Google or anybody else dictating to me what kind of TV program I can produce or help others produce because it violates their so-called terms.

        Its my TV not theirs. And I am saying a lot of people are beginning to realize what Apple and others have stolen from us: our freedoms and liberties to own and use our own private property to use it as we want.

  • surethom

    Finally Google TV as standard?? But needs to be built in as standard.

    • ari_free

      I just had a sick idea. Samsung should make something like Ouya (with sgs3 specs) built right into the TV. No need to get another console or box for xbmc streaming.

  • BoSamps

    I love that background, hope its in Google Play

    • Jason Farrell

      Would make an awesome live wallpaper, but I don’t think it’s been done

  • dof

    I have a Sony GTV since it came out. It’s great.
    I also bought the Samsung TV a month ago, but their software is crap, the remote control sucks. I have returned it and bought an LG with GTV. It’s great!
    There are few things I don’t like about the GTV, and it’s related to missing software: Skype and Hulu…

  • Sam

    Any word on whether they’ll update existing smart tvs to the new interface? Now THAT would be awesome!

  • Felipe Ferrari

    please put a decent processor along with the “smart” features google or not

  • RavenFox

    Cool. It would be nice to get these apps pushed to my Samsung smart tv