Pantech Magnus pictured for AT&T

It seemsĀ AT&T and Pantech are coming to town with a decent-looking device that’ll sport 4G LTE radios. They’re calling it the Pantech Magnus, and it’s supposed to be running Qualcomm’s MSM8960 S4 that features Adreno 225 for a GPU and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

It also features a front-facing camera, an 8 megapixel rear camera with flash, and supposedly a 720 display. With such a high resolution we can’t imagine this thing will have anything less than a 4.3 inch display, though there’s nothing to suggest the exact size.

While it’ll be tough for Pantech to make a name for itself up against devices like the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3, it looks like it won’t be shy in rivaling the best AT&T has to offer in terms of sheer power. [Engadget]

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  • The Mute

    love it or hate it… the Pantech Burst was a super low range device that with the addition of lte made it scream! I will def check this one out and see what it can do.


    I like the unique design of the rear. Looks comfortable to hold.

  • IronHorse01

    Pantech, Zte, Huawei (or w/e u spell it) are all pure garbage, htc, sony and moto baby

    • Warren Lee

      Pactech is considered better than LG in Korea… although Pantech hasnt really realeased any of their high end models in the States…

  • Chris

    Looks atrocious

  • Chris Chavez

    This phone looks so sick! :O Love the design!